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Wilt-Pruf -- Organic Plant Protection @ MANTS

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    Featured @ MANTS: Wilt-Pruf Concentrate
    The Original Anti-Transpirant protecting plants for over 60 years. Organic, Non-Hazardous and Biodegradable. Wilt-Pruf works by forming a clear, flexible, protective coating that won’t interfere with plant growth or affect osmosis, photosynthesis and respiration—all necessary for plant health.
    Concentrate sizes: Pint, Quart, Gallon, 5-Gallon and 55-Gallon

    Plant Protector -- The Proven, Longer Lasting Anti-Transpirant
    Wilt-Pruf prevents plants from drying out during droughts, harsh winters, windburn, transporting, and transplanting. Creates a protective coating, sealing in moisture on foliage and stems, reducing water loss during periods of severe plant stress. A natural pine oil emulsion that is Organic, Non-Hazardous, and Biodegradable, Wilt-Pruf is the only anti-transpirant that provides long lasting protection year-round.

    It works by forming a clear, flexible, protective coating that won’t interfere with plant growth or affect osmosis, photosynthesis, and respiration—all necessary for plant health. Ultraviolet rays from outdoor daylight react with our film forming polymer, which produces a continuous flexible film that forms a multi-layer coating. Unlike other protects, who only provide single layer protection, when a layer of Wilt-Pruf wears off, another layer forms. This process continues until all layers have worn off, typically 1-2 months in summer, and 3-4 months in winter, depending on conditions. Indefinite shelf life and not impacted by freezing in storage.

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    WILT-PRUF® is a low molecular weight, Lewis acid catalyzed polymer of beta-pinene, one of the major constituents of pine oil. It is chemically di-1-p-menthene. It has two sub-units in the polymer for a molecular weight of 275.

    WILT-PRUF® is an organic polymer consisting entirely of carbon and hydrogen. It is relatively nontoxic to mammals, with an LD50 IN EXCESS OF 20,000. beta-pinene meets specifications of the Food and Drug Administration for use in cosmetics and chewing gum and edible crops.

    In agriculture, beta-pinene has a tolerance exempt status and is listed in CFR 120.1001 as a beta-pinene polymer. WILT-PRUF® is not a pest attractant or repellent and has no pesticidal qualities by itself. In tests, it has exhibited no fungicidal, insecticidal, or other pesticidal activity. It does have excellent film forming properties, and as such is resistant to moisture penetration.

    Phytotoxicity has not been noted in any tests involving WILT-PRUF®. Sprays have been applied to many types of plant materials including food crops, trees, shrubs, ornamentals and many varieties of grasses and sod with no adverse results. Occasionally, blue spruce will turn green when sprayed with WILT-PRUF®, but will revert to normal color.

    State (at room temperature): Liquid. Acid number: Approx. Zero. Average specific gravity: 0.95. Iodine number: Approx. .98. Solubility: Unpolymerized.

    WILT-PRUF® is soluble in all aliphatic and aromatic solvents, ketones (except acetone), higher molecular weight alcohols and chlorinated solvents. After polymerization, solubility is generally decreased in all solvents. Weathered WILT-PRUF® is removed from surfaces with kerosene. Vapor pressure (at room temperature): Extremely low.

    200 degrees F: 2mm Hg. 300 degrees F: 15 mm Hg. Flash point: 330 degrees F. Refractive index: 1,5098. Approximate pH: 8.7 LD0 (mice& dogs): EXCESS OF 20,000. Antibacterial activity: None. Antifungal activity: None. Intraperitoneally injected mice: 500 mg/kg/day-twice daily for 7 days, no deaths with weight gains, no intoxication. Primary eye irritation: Zero (not an eye irritant). Primary skin irritant (human skin patch test): None. Skin irritation score: 0.4. Non-sensitizing to human skin. (human panels-patch test). Nontoxic to mosquito larvae, Virginia saw worms, bees, stable flies, rodents, cats, dogs and other mammals, birds (ducks, swans, geese, other wild birds), fish. Non phytotoxic to evergreens, deciduous trees, flowers (hothouse).

    WILT-PRUF® is a natural product derived from the resin of the pine tree which we call a polyterpene polymer or more specifically a beta-pinene polymer which is a film forming short chain polymer component. When our product is sprayed on plant surfaces, the water evaporates leaving a soft, flexible film which degrades one molecular layer at a time when exposed to air and light. The film immediately starts a polymerization into a longer chain, higher weight molecule. However, the entire thickness of the film does not polymerize at the same rate. Only the surface molecular layer is going through rapid polymerization. The molecular layer of the film that is attached and sticking to the leaf is staying a low weight, soft, sticky substance. The film slowly weathers away through this polymerization mode where the top layer fully polymerizes becoming a solid material. It powders away in microscopic flakes which are either washed or blown away, as the rest of the layers go through the same process until the entire film is weathered away. This normally takes about two months under hot, summer conditions and four to six months under cold weather conditions.

    A Web-based reproduction of our Material Safety Data Sheet is available for downloading. (Note that this page uses fairly sophisticated table layout. If your browser doesn't support these functions, contact Wilt-Pruf Products, Inc. for a copy of this form.)