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Whole Gardener -- Plant Foods

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    Specialty Formulated Plant Foods
    Wilson Group Companies (WGC) own and operate “Whole Gardener – A Soil & Nutrient Company”. The company is uniquely suited for formulating, manufacturing and packaging plant foods. It has a long history of developing and manufacturing specialty fertilizer and soil products for the turf, landscape and major fertilizer distributor marketplace.

    Consistent Formulas. Consistent Quality. Our size, scope, manufacturing capabilities, expertise and technology allow WGC to economically source and/or manufacture the highest quality plant foods and soil amendments. Our plant food blends are formulated and manufactured to be state-of-the-art homogeneous granulated products. A major benefit is that this unique process results in every granule being consistent in product size and nutrient properties – from formula to formula. WGC has experience manufacturing plant food products formulated with synthetic, natural/organic (including sustainable/renewable sources) or the combination of both (bridge) plant food sources.

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    Whole Gardener Plant Nutrient Kit

    Plant Nutrient Kit allows the gardener to create a custom fertilizer blend. The kit consists of Nitrogen, Potassium, Phosphorous, Micronutrients, Recipe Book, pH strips, measuring cups, dispenser and tote.

    Using one of almost 200 different recipes from the Whole Gardener Nutrient Recipe Book, and the four Whole Gardener Nutrient Ingredients, the Whole Gardener method allows the gardener to create a custom fertilizer blend that will fit the nutrient needs of almost any plant they want to grow. The kit consists of Simply Nitrogen (3.0 lb.), Simply Potassium (4.0 lb.),Simply Phosphorous (3.0 lb.), Simply Micros (4.0 lbs.), Whole Gardener Recipe Book, pH test strips, measuring cups, product dispenser and tote bag. The plant nutrients are all natural and organic and are perfect for the hobby gardener or anyone who wishes to grow delicious, healthy and beautiful plants. Whole Gardener also offers soils amendments such as Gypsum, Soil Enhancer, Soil Acidifier, and Humic.