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Uxbridge Nurseries @ MANTS

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    2021 MANTS Show Specials: Save on shipping!

      Save $1,500 on shipping 

      on your first full load of wire basket shade trees

      (about 100 x 2 – 2 ½” trees)

      Valid from December 1, 2020 to March 1st, 2021


      We Keep on Growing - all the way to MANTS!

      Uxbridge Nurseries Limited is proud to be part of the great MANTS virtual trade show. As a premiere grower of top quality large caliper wire basket trees, shrubs and evergreens, we are excited to show off our expertise to everyone. 

      We grow over 400 different varieties of shade trees, evergreens and large multi-stem shrubs on 900 acres of fields located throughout southern Ontario, Canada. 

      Looking to get a quality load of nursery stock brought to your location, leave it to us. We have the experience in setting up trucking for you.  Would you prefer to pick up?  We have you covered with our experienced yard staff that will get your trucks on their way in a fast, professional and efficient manner. 

      We are the best.  We grow the best. 

      Let us prove it to you!

    Trees • Evergreens • Shrubs • Vines • Perennials • Ornamental Grasses.  
    We specialize in large caliper field-grown trees, shrubs, and evergreens, all grown in different types of rich soils. Our trees are grown not only to look great, but excel in quality as well. Uxbridge Nurseries Limited is a family owned and operated wholesale large caliper nursery stock grower. With 3 generations and 48 years backing our history and knowledge, we have our roots firmly planted in the industry. Located just north east of Toronto Ontario Canada, we grow our stock on 900 acres found on numerous farms throughout our region. Our specialty is premium quality wire basket trees, shrubs and evergreens.

    Uxbridge Nurseries grows a top-quality product that doesn't just look good when it arrives but will thrive in the harsh conditions of the landscape environment. By perfectly drawing the line between too much or too little nurturing, we at Uxbridge Nurseries strive to provide you with a tree that will 'keep on growing'. Our growing practices involve pruning, staking, watering and weeding when necessary. We also put our stock into large root balls because what happens above the ground is a direct result of what's going on below the ground. The more roots you can take with the plant when transplanting, the better. With our superior customer service, we can work with you to get your orders delivered or ready for pick up in a fast and organized manner.

    Address:     8080 Baldwin St. Brooklin, ON L1M 1Y6
    Email:     Contact:  
    Phone:    (905) 655-3379   FAX:  (905) 655-8544


    Rising Fire Hornbeam

    We are incredibly proud to announce that we will soon have our own ‘Uxbridge Nurseries’ tree. During a nursery visit to our fields, representatives of J. Frank Schmidt and Sons Co. discovered the parent of this upcoming beauty, with its fantastic fall colour, growing in a block of Hornbeam. This tree impressed them so much that they have begun propagating it for introduction to the mass market. Remember to ask for it by name – Rising Fire Hornbeam! We promise to keep you updated on its availability.

    Rising Fire Hornbeam Tree
    Carpinus caroliniana 'Uxbridge'
    Rising Fire Hornbeam
    Zone: 4
    Height: 10m
    Spread: 5m
    Foliage: Medium green
    Fall Foliage: Red to orange