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NEWS: Tilly Design -- online landscape design

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    Tilly Launches Tilly for Pros, Making it Easier to Outsource Landscape Design Work

    New York (December 2020) - Tilly, the affordable online landscape design company that is revolutionizing landscape design, has launched a new product line strictly for contractors called Tilly for Pros. The offering allows professionals to outsource their design work to Tilly through an easy remote process and a quick 5-7 day turnaround for deliverables. 

    Tilly for Pros will deliver the same high quality design product as the existing homeowner-facing experience, but in a streamlined fashion to meet a contractor’s needs. The service will allow contractors who don’t have the capabilities or time for landscape design to offer the service to their clients, co-branded with their own company name. 

    “Since Tilly launched in February 2019, we’ve had a steady stream of requests from contractors to partner,” says Blythe Yost, CEO and Co-Founder of Tilly. “We’re thrilled to now have a product that allows us to do this, continuing to fulfill our mission of making professional design available to more homeowners while helping contractors in our industry offer a larger range of services to clients, with minimal lift.” 

    A Tilly for Pros design package will include:

    • One-page pdf for use in the field
    • Scaled conceptual landscape plan
    • Plant schedule
    • Materials and plant images
    • Designer notes
    • Co-branded with your logo (optional)

    Tilly’s services are available throughout the U.S. and in parts of Canada. Prices are affordable, $375 for a Front Yard Package; $475 for a Back Yard Package and $775 for a Full Yard. For each project, contractors are matched with a designer who has extensive knowledge of local plant materials. 

    Please visit for more information. 

    About Tilly:

    Tilly is an affordable online service that creates custom landscape plans for your outdoor space. Tilly is available nationwide and matches homeowners with a designer who has extensive plant knowledge in their region. All plans are designed based on a homeowner’s geography, personal style, and needs. Tilly is a women-owned business. For more information visit 

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    Media Contact:

    Sarah Finazzo | Co-Founder & CMO

    sarah@tilly-design .com


    Love Your Landscape! Dig in with a designer to create your perfect outdoors space - all remotely!

    Tilly is an online landscape design platform offering fast, affordable and completely custom planting plans designed by a professional team of landscape designers, landscape architects and horticulturalists working remotely throughout the country.  Tilly offers design services directly to homeowners, as well as nurseries and landscape contractors looking to outsource this work to a creative team with local plant knowledge. Tilly's services are available across the U.S. and in parts of Canada. 

    We are actively looking for:

    • Opportunities to provide outsourced design work for contractors, nurseries, builders, etc.
    • Professional services partnerships with contractors to install our designs
    • Retail and re-wholesale partnerships with businesses operating locally, nationally and/or online
    • Landscape design talent to add to our fast-growing team!

    Address:   Pearl River, NY
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    Online Landscape Design Packages

    Front, Back or Full-yard landscape plans starting at $375.

    Tilly has created an online landscape design experience specifically for contractors, which includes:

    • scaled planting plan
    • plant schedule
    • plant and materials images
    • 5-7 day first draft turnaround
    • one set of revisions 

    Visit our Contractors Page for more details.

    Online Landscape Design Additions

    3D images, Lighting Plans and Side Yard Designs.

    In addition to Tilly's core online design packages, we offer:

    • 3D Images to help your client visualize the space
    • Lighting Plans to illuminate and add security
    • Side Yard Plans to complement a Front or Back yard design 

    Please visit our Contractors Page for more information.

    Tilly’s mission - make professional landscape design accessible to every homeowner

    Sarah, Heather, Blythe, Alexis

    Tilly was founded with a goal to simplify the landscape design process for today’s busy and cost-conscious homeowner. The company was launched in February 2019 by four best friends from high school; one a talented landscape architect, the others business-savvy homeowners who didn’t want to spend a fortune on design.
    What started as an experiment and labor of love has quickly grown into an online platform serving homeowners in almost all 50 states. Through a modern design process, Tilly’s clients enjoy a custom experience with a professional designer for a fraction of the traditional cost. 

    Beyond its passion for helping people enjoy their outdoors through affordable and good design, Tilly is a steward of the environment. The company is committed to delivering eco-conscious and sustainable landscape design, neutralizing their carbon footprint through partners such as One Tree Planted, and supporting local community efforts.

    Blythe Yost, Landscape Architect & CEO
    The Tilly design team is led by Blythe Yost, who has been practicing landscape architecture for over 15 years. She is the principal and founder of two high-end landscape companies, whose projects include everything from contemporary courtyards in Brooklyn to multi-acre estates in The Hamptons. Yost graduated from Cornell University with a Bachelor of Landscape Architecture and a focus on horticulture.