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TapOnIt -- text message marketing

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    Stop sending boring text messages to your customers
    Powerful Messaging ... People are visual. Highlight products, promotions, and calls-to-action by including multiple images, animated GIFs, or even short videos in your messages. Use TapOnIt’s text platform to send up to nine unique images or an animated GIF in one text.

    TapOnIt helps garden centers and nurseries use text message marketing to directly connect them with their customers. Text messages have a 99% open rate—no algorithms or clutter to sift through, just your message, to your customer, at the time you want them to see it. The text platform provides the tools needed to create an authentic connection between your garden center and your loyal customers, in turn increasing your sales and ROI. Wallace’s Garden Center, a one location garden center in Iowa, saw a 14x ROI increase and attributes 15% of their revenue in 2020 to the TapOnIt text message marketing platform. Thanks to TapOnIt’s unique organic sharing capabilities, Wallace’s also saw 16% of their database growth organically from their current customers sharing their text messages with friends and family. By utilizing text marketing to promote a holiday sale, Wallace’s was able to generate $32,000 in revenue from just one text. TapOnIt can help you integrate text into your marketing—giving you the flexibility to choose your own direction while supporting your efforts with an easy to use platform, text templates, client support, and incredible backend technology.

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