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AMS Retail Solutions: NCR Counterpoint POS System

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    Built for the nursery industry, our lawn and garden POS software allows you to track your extensive inventory, manage vendors, automate purchasing, and use hardware designed to withstand the elements.

    NCR Counterpoint is the specialty retail management system that integrates the front and back offices seamlessly, enabling you to grow your business. Our comprehensive and flexible solution will manage your business's details so you can focus on what truly matters: your customers. While you’re impressing your customers, our software is behind the scenes, ensuring that everything from inventory management to front of house is a seamless experience. Whether it’s on the busiest day of the year, or a slow day aimed at impressing that loyal patron, our customizable software will harmonize your retail business.

    Provider / Partner:     AMS Retail Solutions
    Contact:   Michael D. Shutter, President
    Phone:    (866) 949-2767   FAX:  (757) 495-8994


    Track Alternate Units

    With nursery management software, track units by the size, color, and packaging, such as individual or flats of plants, for inventory, ordering, and reporting.  Unlimited bar codes allow you to track the items sold from multiple vendors, such as seed packets.

    Accounts Receivable Functionality

    Flexibility is especially important when working with a wide range of customers and vendors. NCR Counterpoint’s nursery POS software gives you that flexibility.  Provide landscapers and contractors with quotes for specific jobs and the ability to pay on account. They can track products by client and make payments after the job is complete.

    Retail Hardened Hardware

    We’ve created nursery POS hardware that’s built to withstand outdoor elements such as direct sunlight and soil. Your investment in your garden center POS system is well protected with waterproof and fade-resistant labels for outdoor inventory.

    Customized Forms

    Print and customize forms to include specific information, such as growing or planting instructions on labels and invoices. Print a particular form when certain items are sold.

    Welcome to AMS Retail Solutions. We offer customized point of sale (POS) and retail management systems that keep customers moving through, and sales and profits moving up. Our automated, cost-effective POS systems will give you greater control, insights and opportunities to make your retail store as successful as possible. With our POS systems, you'll run your business your way, only much more efficiently and with greater accuracy.

    We partner with the top-rated brands in the retail IT industry, including NCR, the developer of our flagship product NCR CounterPoint POS and retail management software.

    But systems aren’t the whole story at AMS Retail Solutions. We forge strong relationships and we consider the businesses we help to be partners, not just customers. Our goal is to do whatever it takes to help you succeed. That includes completely understanding and analyzing your business before we even offer a solution.

    AMS Retail Solutions is your single-source for all your retail IT system needs, including:

    • Client retail needs assessments
    • Point of Sale (POS) with touch screen
    • High speed internet based credit card authorization
    • Inventory management and purchasing controls
    • Customer loyalty and gift card programs
    • Ecommerce integration with Magento
    • Integrated email marketing based on customer sales history
    • Mobile "Apps" for POS and inventory
    • Interfaces to popular off-the-shelf accounting software
    • POS equipment
    • On-site installation
    • On-site training
    • Technical support available 24x7
    • Hardware maintenance available 24x7
    • Financing and Leasing