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Belden Plastics: Famous Poinsettia Hanging Garden(TM)

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    Since 1974 this snap together hanging basket, called the Hanging Garden(TM) was made world famous by The Ecke Ranch to grow poinsettias. Our Mr. John R. Johnson, as a grower, originally made this mold as a tool to help independant gardens liquidate slow moving items or partial flats of plant material at a premium price. This item has the highest ROI of any item you can buy. Try a case or come by our booth and we will explain.

    Belden is Better!  
    Belden Plastics has been providing innovative, USA-Made, injection molded plastic pots to growers since 1965. Known for developing a product that independent garden centers can count on to help build their business, Belden pots are superior in quality, provide innovative grower friendly features all with 100% recycled materials.

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