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BioWorks: BotaniGard Insecticide + RootShield PLUS

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    BotaniGard Insecticide
    A biological insecticide (mycoinsecticide) for the control of adult and immature stages of aphids, thrips, whiteflies and more.

    Active Ingredient: Beauveria bassiana strain GHA

    Benefits & Features:

    • Highest spore concentration in a Beauveriacontaining insecticide
    • Provides a level of control comparable to conventional chemical programs
    • Excellent tool for resistance management
    • Controls the early stages of insects, preventing population outbreaks and the need for rescue treatments
    • Large and diverse crop list and multiple use sites
    • Compatible for tank mixes with many pesticides
    • Exempt from residue tolerance

    RootShield PLUS

    An organic biological fungicide with dual active ingredients to prevent a broad spectrum of root diseases and promote healthy root systems.

    RootShield PLUS+ WP is an organic biological fungicide with dual active ingredients that prevent a broad spectrum of root diseases and promote healthy root systems.

    Active Ingredients: Trichoderma harzianum strain and T-22 Trichoderma virens strain G-41

    Benefits & Features:

    • OMRI Listed
    • Grows in soil and on roots, shields roots from pathogens
    • Seeks out, attacks and eats fungal pathogens
    • Induces host resistance
    • Active over wide temperature range (48-97 °F/9-36 °C)
    • Grows in a broad pH range (pH 4-8)
    • Well suited to a variety of soil types
    • Enhances nutrient uptake
    • Helps plants resist/overcome abiotic stresses and transplant shock
    • Excellent tool for fungicide resistance management 
    • Compatible with many chemical and biological inputs
    • Compatable with BCAs
    • 0-day PHI with no MRL

    Why Use RootShield?
    RootShield Biological Fungicide prevents devastating root diseases on plants. Here's how, and why you should use it!

    RootShield PLUS | NEW Formulation!
    RootShield PLUS from BioWorks, Inc. in Victor, NY is the same great product you know with the ability to mix more readily. There is little to no dust, the mix and application rates remain the same, there is a slightly lower bulk density and the green color of the active ingredients is revealed.

    If you have questions about the NEW Formulation RootShield PLUS give us a call today! We are standing by and ready to answer your questions. Simply call BioWorks at (800) 877-9443 ... We look forward to chatting with you!

    For 20 years, BioWorks has been an industry leader in providing environmentally responsible, safe, and cost-effective solutions to the growing needs of the horticulture industry. BioWorks’ pesticide products are EPA Registered (unless exempt), and most are OMRI-Listed for organic growing. As the sustainability movement and the demand for biocontrols continues, BioWorks will continue to provide tools and services to help growers achieve the highest levels of insect and disease control that are safer (both for the environment and for employees.

    Address:     100 Rawson Rd Ste 205 Victor, NY 14564
    Contact:     Chris Hayes
    Phone:    585-820-6807    FAX:  800-877-2377