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FMC Corporation: Fame™ +T Fungicide

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    Fame® SC Fungicide

    Fame SC Fungicide works by interfering with respiration in plant-pathogenic fungi and is a potent inhibitor of spore germination and mycelial growth. Fame™ +T combines Strobilurin (FRAC 11) fungicide with systemic DMI (FRAC 3) fungicide to optimize resistance management.


    Fame SC Fungicide is a broad-spectrum, Group 11 fungicide. It is a complete strobilurin offering protection against soil-borne and foliar diseases.  Fame SC starts acting quickly to control  a broad spectrum of plant diseases.


    Fame SC Fungicide is powered by fluoxastrobin and works by interfering with plant-pathogenic fungi respiration and inhibiting spore germination and mycelial growth.  Fame SC exhibits both xylem and translaminar mobility, allowing it to move rapidly through green tissue. The molecular structure of fluoxastrobin provides increased leaf systemically and uniform leaf distribution, offering an advantage versus other strobilurin fungicides.

    • Optimized resistance management with dual modes of action (FRAC 11 and 3)
    • Broad spectrum protection from both root and shoot diseases including leaf blights/spots (i.e. web blight, downy mildew, rusts), flower blights (anthracnose, botrytis blight) and shoot/stem diseases (aerial/shoot blight)
    • Rate: 1-8 fl. oz. per 100 gal.

    Agricultural Solutions.  
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    Contact:   Jim Fitzwater
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    Aria® Insecticide

    Aria® insecticide features a unique mode of action. Through contact and ingestion, the active ingredient in Aria stops adult and immature aphids from feeding within one hour of treatment.


    Aria insecticide is the ideal noenicotinoid replacement or rotation product. Aria eectively controls or suppresses many species of aphids, thrips and whiteflies that attack greenhouse plant investments.  With a unique mode of action, Aria is an ideal part of your chemistry rotation. What’s more, Aria remains effective, even when exposed to the higher temperatures frequently encountered in greenhouses.


    Aria insecticide uses the IRAC group 29 active ingredient, flonicamid. With flonicamid, Aria delivers translaminar, contact, and systemic activity making it ideal for ornamental applications. Following application Aria works quickly on damaging pests, stopping aphids from feeding within one hour and causing mortality in as little as forty-eight hours through dehydration and starvation. Better yet, Aria has no known cross-resistance with neonicotionids, organophosphates, carbamates or pyrethroids, making it an ideal replacement or rotation product.


    Aria® Insecticide stops whiteflies from feeding within one hour of exposure and has shown residual activity of 28 days or more.  However, it may take up to 14 days to see significant mortality.  Treatments for thrips should be timed for when the insects first appear on the plants and before flowering begins.