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Vans Pines Nursery, Inc.

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    Planting Husky Transplants.  
    Vans Pines Nursery, Inc. is a fourth generation nursery located in West Olive, Michigan. The Van Slooten family has been providing growers with superior quality evergreen and deciduous seedlings as well as beach grass since 1934. We grow our trees from seed in Jiffy plugs, not sown in the ground, producing trees with a robust root system that reach a mature height at an earlier age.

    Address:     14731 Baldwin St. West Olive, MI 49460
    Contact:   Annette, Don, Kaitlin
    Phone:    616-399-1620   FAX:  616-399-1652


    Our newest product, Plantable Peat Pot, has us pretty excited!
    Plantable peat pot, quart size
    Canadian Hemlock Plantable Peat Quart

    The peat pot has many benefits to the plant and to the grower.

    • They are fully biodegradable, made from a natural and renewable resource.
    • The pot improves root aeration.
    • There is no transplant shock.
    • Increased water retention as the peat pots are extremely absorptive, retaining water for later plant use directly in the root zone.
    • And the grower benefits from lower labor costs (no pot to dispose of and simplified planting) and vigorous growth.

    Another innovative product from Vans Pines Nursery to help you grow your business faster!

    Example of our Super Potted Liners

    Faster Crop Rotation is the #1 Reason Professional Growers Choose Vans Pines Super Potted® Liners.

    Our Super Potted Liners begin with A/G® Jiffy Plugs transplanted into 1 or 3 gallon containers. They are then grown up to an additional year and a half longer, allowing the plug’s superior lateral root system to greatly expand in the larger container.

    These unsheared Plug+1 Potted Liners are suitable for container growing and field planting. As with all newly planted stock, proper weed control, irrigation and watering is still required.

    The plants roots remain intact during shipping, handling and planting, allowing for immediate establishment and a faster growth rate!

    Many of our growers claim they can market their crop an average of 2 years faster – reducing production costs, lowering crop loss risk and increasing profits.