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J. Berry Nursery -- Innovative flowering shrubs

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    Discovering & Delivering Great Plants
    Everything that we do is geared towards the delivery of great plants to our customers. Plants leave our nursery retail ready and are scheduled to be delivered at a point which will maximize their shelf life so that our customers have every opportunity to sell the plants for a premium price.

    J. Berry Nursery's current product line focuses on innovative flowering shrubs; primarily in the rose, hibiscus and hydrangea categories. Please browse our website where you will find new and improved roses that offer fragrance, fancy flower form and enhanced disease resistance. You will also see some of the most exciting tropical hibiscus varieties ever to be released that feature stunning bloom color combinations. In the future, you will see us introduce new Oakleaf Hydrangeas, South African Cannas, Clematis and other exciting plants.

    Address:     201 Private Rd. 5180 Grand Saline, TX 75140
    Contact:  Tamara Felux
    Phone:    903-962-6590   FAX:  903-962-6541


    Hollywood Hibiscus

    World Famous For:
    Exceptional bud & bloom counts
    Multi-day lasting blooms
    Naturally, well-branched habits
    Bacterial leaf spot & white fly resistance
    Proven performance for growers, retailers & gardeners

    With the award-winning Hollywood® Hibiscus Collection, retailers and gardeners will find the ideal hibiscus to meet their needs and taste. Each hibiscus cultivar showcases vivid, large, fancy blooms with rich color, while also possessing exceptional disease and pest resistance. From the vividly yellow Rico Suave™ to the pure perfection of Earth Angel™, each cultivar blooms from spring through first frost. The compact growth habits of the collection make them natural stars for containers, benefitting both nursery trade and the home gardener with savings on time and labor. Select the color or character that suits you and your landscape best-as all Hollywood Hibiscus are named for their Hollywood personality! 

    Cant decide? Visit our website and take our quiz to find which variety suits your personality best!

    Welcome to J. Berry Nursery

    In March 2006, we founded J. Berry Nursery with the vision of bringing high-value plants to the market. Combining our talents, and sometimes feeling as if we bet the farm, we made that initial vision today's reality. J. Berry Nursery is committed to "Creating Beauty that Inspires." The company's extensive trialing process ensures that all new plant genetics introduced outperform the competition in production, at retail, and for the customer in gardens around the country and world.

    Based in Grand Saline, Texas, J. Berry Nursery's acreage and innovation ensure continuous strategic growth.

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    Thank you for visiting our website!

    -Jim & Jonathan Berry