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Roger Coffey & Sons Nursery

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    Wholesale Nursery
    We are a family owned and operated business located in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountians. Having over 700 acres in cultivation, our customers can rest assured in knowing that the quality of the stock we offer sets the standard for our competition. We take a tremendous pride in our growing and selection methods, and our nursery stock can be relied upon as the finest available.

    Our Roots --- A collaboration between a father and his two sons. Each successful, respected, and established growers in the nursery industry. With decades of experience as co-owner of Boyd Coffey and Sons Nursery, Roger Coffey, Sr. has united with his sons: Roger Coffey, Jr.(owner of Coffey's 3rd Generation Nursery), and Jake Coffey (owner of Valley View Nurseries) to carry on the family traditions began by his father, Boyd Coffey over 50 years ago. Working together, Roger and his sons hold the knowledge, experience, and resources to set the standard among nurseries in the region.

    Address:     5016 Valley View Circle Lenoir, NC 28645
    Contact:   Coffey, Roger
    Phone:    828-759-7157   FAX:  828-758-9285


    Semi-Shear Native White Pine

    We are North Carolina Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services certified family nurseries with a passion to grow the finest nursery stock available, all located in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountians. We specialize in the growing and cultivation of many types of evergreens, flowering, and fruit bearing species. Our family has been top competetors the nursery business for over 50 years, with knowledge passed down from generation to generation. Our nursery stock is will continue to be second to none.

    To our valued customers...

    • "Thank you for visiting with us online. As you browse these pages I hope that you will appreciate the high standard that my sons and I hold to ourselves and our products. We pledge to continue to bring you the highest quality products possible. Please enjoy your visit and we look forward to hearing from you soon...."
    • Roger Coffey, Sr