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Le Primitif Galleries

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    Helping Haiti Through Art since 1976
    Le Primitive Galleries offers Recycled Oil Drum Sculpture in all shapes, sizes, signed, unsigned, painted or in its natural state. Le Primitif Galleries was born out of a passion for Haitian artwork after living in Haiti in the early 1970s. In 1976 I began importing these beautiful, hand-crafted pieces of artwork for Homes & Gardens. Each of our pieces are hand-chiseled from recycled, steel oil drum by Haitian artisans. I am excited to have been an exhibitor at MANTS since 1999 to help highlight these pieces to more of the world. Apart from giving the viewer endless enjoyment and keeping more trash out of the world's landfills, these upcycled pieces of art give considerable employment to the artisans of Haiti.

    Address:     210 B. Marray Dr. Atlanta, GA 30341
    Email:        Contact:   McCabe, David P.
    Phone:    404-786-4620   FAX:  404-237-3977


    17" x 12" Forrest with Border

    Each 17" x 12" Forrest with Border is hand-chiseled by Haitian artisans out of recycled steel oil drum barrels.

    34.5" X 5.5" Painted Yellow Blooming Vine

    Each 34.5" X 5.5" Painted Yellow Blooming Vine, item #4215Y, is hand-chiseled from recycled steel oil drum barrels and hand-painted by Haitian artisans.