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Capital Forest Products

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    Cedar shingles and shakes, to lumber, fencing, flooring, and seasonal product
    For more than 30 years Capital Forest Products has been a leading distributor of quality products for our customers along the east coast, and throughout the country. Our products include: Natural Cedar Mulches, Natural Pine Bark Nuggets, Premium Soil Blends, Professional and Retail Peat Moss, Ice Melt, Split Rail Fencing, Firewood, Tree Stakes, Landscape Timbers and more.

    It is our mission to be your key resource for quality products from leading vendors. The exclusive relationships we maintain with these top-notch brands allows us the opportunity to deliver only premium products to you. Our number one priority is providing you with an exceptional experience from start to finish. We are dedicated to ensuring that every customer receives quality products, while providing them with the most efficient and hassle-free experience possible. With over 90 years of combined experience from our seasoned sales team, we provide outstanding commitment and service to our customers. We work so closely with our customers because we want you to have a competitive advantage in the marketplace. Allow us to be the resource that helps put you a step ahead of your competitors.
    Brands: Capital Forest Products, Mulchex, Kissner, Lambert, Cedar Valley

    Address:     111 Gibralter Ave. Annapolis, MD 21401
    Contact:   Meredith Howe
    Phone:    410-280-6887    FAX:  410-280-6108


    Mulchex Specialized Mulch

    100% natural wood mulches available in a variety of colors and wood types. Need mulch? We stock and deliver to you a variety of mulches to suit your gardening and landscaping needs.  We stock and deliver Mulchex premium mulches in a variety of colors and natural wood types:
    - Natural Cedar Mulch
    - Black Cedar Mulch
    - Red Cedar Mulch
    - Brown Cedar Mulch
    - Natural Pine Mulch
    - Cedar Path and Play Fibers
    - Decorative Hemlock Mulch

    All products ready for immediate use!
    - Non Toxic
    - 100% Natural 
    - Neutral PH
    - Aromatic
    - Retains Soil Moisture
    - Helps Control Weed Growth

    Tree Stakes

    Premium tree and garden stakes in stock and ready to deliver. Perfect for a variety of crops and trees!

    Round Douglas Fir
    - Heavy Duty
    - Palletized
    - 2.2" Diameter
    - 6 and 8 foot

    Solid Oak Garden/Vegetable and Tree Stakes
    - Bundled and/or Palletized
    - Garden/Vegetable: 1"x" 2ft to 6ft
    -Tree Stakes: 2"x2" 3ft to 6ft
    - Custom Sizes available