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Permaloc -- Sustainable Edging Solutions

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    Permaloc Corporation is the world's leading manufacturer of high-performance landscape edging and restraint systems. For over 25 years, Permaloc has remained at the forefront of the industry by providing unmatched quality, breakthrough products and world-class customer service. Permaloc utilizes its deep-rooted knowledge of the landscaping industry, mixes it with solid manufacturing principles, and creates products that are unique and on the leading edge of the industry.

    Landscape Edgings

    Landscape Edgings

    Permaloc offers a wide variety of landscape edgings for every application, whether residential or commercial. Common applications for landscape edgings are landscape beds, maintenance beds, tree rings, flower beds, and crushed stone pathways.

    Products Include: CleanLine, CleanLine XL, ProLine, YardEdge, Onyx, and PermaStrip.

    Landscape Restraints

    Landscape Restraints

    Permaloc has the most complete line of landscape restraints in the industry, offering a range of products for residential and commercial applications. Common applications for landscape restraints are brick patios and walkways, asphalt surfaces, athletic surfaces, and cart paths.

    Products Include: StructurEdge, BrickBlock, AsphaltEdge, AthletEdge.

    Green Build Products

    Green Build Products

    Permaloc manufactures the most versatile, complete line of green roof edgings and restraints in the industry. Our unique products are ideal for all types of greenroof systems. From traditional systems to modular systems, we have a green roof edge to meet the needs of any rooftop garden, whether intensive or extensive.

    Products Include: GeoEdge.

    Permaloc Accessories


    Permaloc is dedicated to manufacturing quality accessories that allow for quick and easy installation of our products. Whatever your application we are dedicated to providing you the accessories needed to save time and effort.

    Products Include: Grade Change Connector, End Stake Adaptor, Connectors, Aluminum Stakes, Steel Stakes, and Steel Spikes.

    The company takes pride in its ability to lead the industry in new product releases, basing those designs on a constant, ongoing conversation with the leading landscape architects, designers and contractors practicing around the world.

    Permaloc is known worldwide for manufacturing application-driven, performance-based products that provide a quick and easy installation, while offering the highest level of visual aesthetics.

    In addition to manufacturing products of the highest quality, Permaloc is equally known for providing world-class customer service that is second to none. Permaloc’s Product Specialists are the most extensively trained staff in the industry. They are available to assist specifiers and contractors with product selection, application knowledge, or any other need that arises.

    This outstanding customer service, along with the ease of installation of our quality products, has made Permaloc the preferred choice of architects and contractors worldwide.

    Where materials and edges meet is always the most environmentally demanding and aesthetically critical aspect of any landscape, and specifiers and installers will continue to bring new and challenging applications. Permaloc views today’s challenges as tomorrow’s opportunities and will continue to design products to exceed industry expectations for many more years to come.