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JR Peters -- Jack's Classic Fertilizer

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    JR PETERS INC. has Soluble Fertilizer products for true hobbyist home growers

    Finest in Water Soluble Fertilizers -- Quality plant food since 1947
    The family at JR PETERS INC. has made available a complete line of the most soluble fertilizer products for the true hobbyist home growers. We introduced our line of consumer products under the Jack's Classic label back in 1999. We offer a full line of fertilizer formulas made with the exact same quality raw materials that we design for the professional greenhouse grower in many different sizes and packages to fit our home grower's needs. This includes all of the standard formulations that gardeners have come to trust over the years. We have also developed several new innovative fertilizer formulas for your home that address nutritional issues with today's more popular plants.

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    Jack’s Classic:
    Professional Grade Fertilizer for Home Gardener

    Feed your plants with the best quality fertilizer to allow for continued plant health over time. Your plants should look just as good as the pros’ do. That’s why Jack’s Classic is crafted from the exact same ingredients as the stuff that they use. No miracles, no gimmicks just high-quality food for what you’re growing. You can trust real science and proven results that we have found in our professional line to give your plants at home the right nutrients to not only survive – but to thrive.
    The Jack’s Classic lineup has what it takes to help you with whatever you’re growing whether that’s flowers, fruits or vegetables. Plus, all formulas are available in many sizes with easy to understand mixing instructions and feeding schedules to help you out from your first houseplant to your backyard farm.

    Jack's Proffesional
    JR Peters, is proud to offer professional greenhouse growers quality water soluble fertilizer blends designed to efficiently deliver available nutrients in many different growing environments and across various crop types.
    The Jack’s Pro line includes 60 stock formulas that were developed from years of testing in our onsite lab and commercial facilities to solve real life problems growers see with today’s plant material. Each formula comes in the most efficient powdered form that can be highly concentrated to be compatible with high powdered injector systems. The quality of raw materials in Jack’s blends form a true solution so you can be sure that all nutrients are readily available in the right ratios for vigorous, high quality plant growth.

    Jack's Classic New Products
    Check out the newest products in our Jack's Classic line, the Exact Mix Hose End Sprayer and our Tomato FeED.