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Eckert's Greenhouse: The Weekender Hanging Basket

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    The Weekender from H2O Labor Saver is a unique hanging plant container that allows you to save water, labor, and money! Take the Weekender to your favorite greenhouse for custom planting or plant it yourself. You'll enjoy beautiful, season long plants that won't cause you any worry when you go away for the weekend!

    The Weekender has a 16.1-inch outside diameter and a 14.5-inch inner diameter, it holds anywhere from 25- to 35-pounds (soil, water, and plants combined), and boasts a 1-gallon water reservoir with an overflow feature to prevent overwatering and the container includes a drain plug. The removable liner insert holds 745.42-cubic-inches of soil (6.3-inch deep soil) and the liner and container are each 100% recyclable and suitable for all year use. The container includes a 3-strand hanger.

    Store the container for use next spring or, better yet, use it for an attractive winter display. It looks gorgeous filled with seasonal greens and a red bow! The Weekender is the only lifetime hanging basket on the market with a removable liner. Why a removable liner? It makes clean up easier and you can swap out the liners for quick changes! The biggest benefit of the Weekender is that it will save thousands of single use plastic containers (traditional hanging baskets) from going to the landfill, improving your carbon footprint! One-gallon reservoir means you only need to water established plants every 3 to 4 days. This container's classic black color matches any decor!