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Castle Aquatics -- water gardening

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    The Water Gardening Experts!  
    Castle Aquatics has been a reliable, leading distributor of pond and water feature products. Our commitment has been to provide unique products such as PondMAX and Teton along with other domestic brands and special programs to improve sales of water gardening products for full service, independent dealers.

    Check out our best-selling fountain accessories to help your customers easily clean and efficiently maintain water fountains! The Teton Pump Sleeve, Teton XPRC3 Pump Remote, and PondMAX StatuMAX water treatment are perfect additions to maintaining a fountain year-round.

    What you find at Castle Aquatics is a place to connect. We are connecting the world of water garden experts and enthusiasts. With our homeowners submitting their stories and local professionals telling us how they do it, to local supply stores stocking the goods, we are connecting you with all the resources you need. Whether you shop at one of our local stores or work with one of the professionals who provide the onsite services, you will find real people with a real understanding of household life today. We are all here to provide expert knowledge and share the skills to make your dreams come true.

    Each one of us understand the peace and serenity that a pond or water feature is providing the many families we serve. The pleasant distraction of water brings joy to all of your senses – right in the comfort and safety of your own abode. With each interaction that you make on our website we are striving to inspire the same enjoyable experience as you get from your water feature.

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    PondMAX EURO Series
    Dealers asked for a more diverse range of product manufacturing, and we listened! Now introducing a new line of products from Europe: The EURO Series Pressure Filters, Submersible Pumps, UV Clarifiers, and Clear Water Kit.

    Pressure Filters: 2 Models (PF1000 & PF2000)

    This product provides optimum water conditions and crystal-clear water and convenient use with rapid filter cleaning without having to open or dismantle the multi-stage filter elements (MAX debris removal capacity capacity and maximum biological filtering).

    Submersible Pumps: 8 Models (FP550 to FP3950)

    This pump is equipped with a special impeller and rotor enable the pump to handle solids up to 3/8", includes thermal protector which protects the pump from overheating, and has a large intake screen and tool-less servicing for easy maintenance.

    UV Clarifiers: 5 Models (UVC9W to UVC60W)

    This product effectively clears cloudy pond water and aids filtration. It also comes with high-performance and long-lasting UV-C lamp to ensure optimum wattage and energy efficiency. 

    Clear Water Kit: Model #CW1800

    This kit makes pond filtration simple while keeping ponds well oxygenated and preventing bacteria. Includes: UV-C filter with long-lasting lamp, Pump with energy saving motor, Spray-bar to optimize water distribution through all the filtering surface, & Filtration layers for best biological filtration.

    PondMAX Outdoor Lighting For Your Water Garden

    How to Install PondMAX Lighting For Your Pond

    Teton Cover Net & PondMAX Skimming Net
    Teton Cover Nets & PondMAX Skimming Nets are great for preventing debris from falling in your pond, and for scooping unwanted debris from your pond. PondMAX fish nets are also available and are perfect for safely catching small fish.