H&H Farm Machine

Building Sprayers Your Way - Since 1978
Here at H&H, we manufacture equipment for agriculture, landscaping, construction, experimental research, nurseries, poultry, livestock, and recreation. We make your sprayer relevant for what you’re growing. Every crop and every piece of land is unique, so they all require specific needs in spraying—whether for water, fertilizer or herbicide. That’s been our job since 1978. Most sprayers are one size fits all and we specialize in taking it one step further.

Quite simply, our specialty is sprayers. H&H technicians are uniquely qualified and trained to keep your sprayer (equipment) in field-ready conditions. We service all major brands of pumps and engines, using OEM-certified parts. That’s why nothing else feels like, works like and performs like H&H equipment.

Address:     7916 Unionville Brief Rd. Monroe, NC 28110
Email:    sales@hhspray.com
Contact:   Brian Nance
Phone:    704-753-4919   FAX:  704-753-4324


These sprayers are a combination of several different types in our lineup. Whether it is a Tracking Wagon, Two-Wheel Pull, Push-Pull, Watering Unit or Skid to mount on your trailer or UTV, tank sizes, pumps, reels and hoses are configurable to meet your needs. If you have a special design in mind, please don’t hesitate to give us a call and see if we can bring it to life.

ABOUT H&H FARM MACHINE .... Every once in a while, perhaps too rarely, you’ve used a tool so perfectly right for the job, you’ve thought: “Whoever designed and built this tool totally gets it.” They understand what I’m trying to do…understand the challenges…and understand how to get the job done without wearing out the operator…and how to keep things running and adjusted with minimal fuss and downtime. When your equipment maker understands the whole application and its life-cycle, work becomes smoother, faster, more satisfying and even more profitable.

Everything from H&H feels and performs just right. After all, we design them with you, and build them for you with your satisfaction as the goal from day one.

  • Unlimited Sprayer Options – Unique combination of frame, tank, pump, motor, reel, hose and guns built specifically for your application … At H&H Farm Machine Co., we build sprayers your way.
  • Vertical Integration – Consulting, Design/Engineering, Manufacture/Fabricate, Installation, Parts/Service … At H&H Farm Machine Co., you’ll find everything you need for sprayers – all under one roof.
  • Spray Specialists – Since 1978, focused on agronomic applications … H&H Farm Machine Co. has worked on sprayers from A-Z, including airboats, backpacks, helicopters, tractors and zero-turn mowers.
  • Simple 1 year guarantee – Front to back all inclusive guarantee, including parts and labor … From top to bottom, your sprayer is covered.
  • Long Lasting Simple Design – Easy upgrades, rebuilds and maintenance … At H&H Farm Machine Co. your sprayer changes and additions are simple and easy.
  • Ready-To-Run – Hit the ground running with a tested turnkey sprayer … When you need support, call H&H Farm Machine Co. for sprayer troubleshooting and repair recommendations.

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