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A Job Well Done

Back Road Farms prides itself in the use of Best Management Nursery Practices. Our tools include the use of irrigation, Integrated Pest Management, GPS’d( Global Positioning System) Soil Zone Management and VRT (Variable Rate Technology) utilizing variable rate applications with the latest application equipment.

Our soil zones are sampled 1-2 times per year and recommendations are followed precisely through prescription placement. Back Road Farms uses an independent agricultural consulting firm that has been in the business of providing these types of services for more than 20 years on these very same soils. Back Road Farms stays well connected with other successful nurserymen and Land Grant University specialist in Virginia, North Carolina, Georgia and Florida.

Back Road Farms plantings are GPS’d for accurate record keeping, plant locations, optimum in-row tree density and precise application of plant protection products. Pruning, selecting and culling are other tools used frequently.

At Back Road Farms we believe that the proper combination of sound science and experience in conjunction with the science of matching tree cultivars to the most suitable soils is a formula for healthy trees that will live long and provide a renewable quality of life for many generations to come. We invite you to visit our technically advanced farm to see for yourself.