Sleepy Hollow Nursery

Since 1976
Sleepy Hollow Nursery began in 1976, and has been continuously operated since then at the same location. We are located at the foot of Harrison Ferry Mountain in McMinnville, TN bordering Highway 8 on the North and East sides - and Collins Scenic River on the South side. My cousins, Steve and Kate Dodson Smith started the nursery with their partner, Tom Rowland in 1976. My brother, Mark, and I worked there in the summers spraying, suckering, pruning, etc. After graduating from MTSU in 1983, I bought the nursery and have been the sole owner since. We have tried to grow the best quality plants we could grow for a fair price. We added several hoop houses to grow container material back in the 90’s. We also expanded from our main farm to two of my dad’s farms to grow field stock. We grow a lot of native shrubs and trees along with a general line of nursery stock - including evergreens, grasses, groundcover and others. We specialize in White Fringetree, American Holly cultivars, Sourwood, Yellowwood, and Southern Magnolia cultivars.

We have always landscaped as a service to our friends, family members, and neighbors since we began over 30 years ago, but now we are landscaping more and more - mainly in the Murfreesboro, Franklin, Brentwood, and Nashville, TN areas. Landscaping has become a big part of our business in the past few years. Since we grow our own plants, we save the landscape customer money and provide them with better quality, fresh-dug balled material, and quality container material. We design landscapes using professional imaging software - so the customer can actually see what the plants look like in their landscape. We do the sod, irritation system, and install all of the plants. Please check our landscape page for before and after pictures of some of our landscape jobs.

Address:   3506 Harrison Ferry Rd. McMinnville, TN 37110
Contact:   George Dodson
Phone:  931-668-3902   FAX:  931-668-2443


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