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Tenax -- Deer Fence Display

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    Tenax Deer Fence Display

    Tenax Deer Fence Display is a yellow metal floor display that holds 8 of Tenax's Deer Fence Select 7.5-ft x 100-ft. Deer Control has been made easy with the help of Tenax Deer Fence. But 7.5-foot rolls aren’t always easy to display in stores. Tenax’s Deer Fence Display rack is a great way to organize and display your deer fence. It is brightly colored and fits 8 rolls of Tenax’s 7.5-foot by 100-foot Deer Fence Select.

    Tenax Deer Fence Select is a long lasting solution for unwanted deer invading gardens, fields, and roads. Thanks to a unique stretching process in both directions, it is incredibly strong and resistant, but also light and flexible at the same time. It is UV treated, so it keeps color and features over time.This lightweight, easy to handle fence is invisible in shady and wooded areas, is incredibly versatile and can be use for property delineation, sport fencing, and more.

    Merchandising Tenax Products
    Tenax offers many great ways to merchandise our products. In this video, we go over a few options.

    Nets for Your Needs
    TENAX Corporation manufactures and distributes geosynthetics for civil and environmental engineering, geogrids for soil reinforcement and stabilization, plastic nets and grids for home and garden, plastic nets, meshes and safety fences for construction and road works, netting for aquaculture and agriculture, bale wrapping nets, tubular nets for packaging and industrial applications.

    We offer a variety of nets and fencing products for Landscape, Nursery, and DIY markets. Products include weed control fabric, silt fence, safety fence, deer & bird protection, and several lawn & garden displays including Tenax's 4-ft Plastic Fencing Center, eye-catching Deer Net Folded Try Me Box, & Chick Days Try Me Box Display featuring our plastic Poultry Fencing.

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    TENAX is most known for the orange construction fence, but offers a variety of product categories such as safety fence, snow fence, erosion control, debris containment, deer barriers, and various other nets for an array of applications.

    TENAX offers products for many market segments, including agriculture, retail, construction, OEM, civil and environmental engineering, and drainage. We invite you to view the multitude of products that we have available.