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Ruppert Nurseries @ MANTS

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    80-plus varieties of deciduous and evergreen trees  
    Our wholesale nursery is dedicated to producing plant material of the highest quality. Currently we offer over 250 varieties of deciduous and evergreen trees as well as a handful of shrubs we feel complement our tree inventory. With an inventory of approximately 80,000 trees, we are able to fill a growing number of orders at a significant value for quality. Ruppert Nurseries’ trees are both high-quality and well structured, and grace college campuses, office and industrial parks and many residential areas. There is no greater measure of success than being able to supply trees to help beautify some of our nation’s most important places. Our trees are living legacies and can be found on the Mall in Washington DC, at the White House, the National Zoo and Flight 93 Memorial to name a few. Whether your project is a massive commercial site, an intimate garden, a community development or a single residence, Ruppert Nurseries has many trees from which to choose.

    7950 Hawkins Creamery Rd. Laytonsville, MD 20882
    Contact:   Kelly Lewis
    Phone:  (301) 482-2009   FAX:  (301) 482-2099


    Ruppert Nurseries on Maryland Public Television! 

    Our Tree Moving Division here at Ruppert Nurseries installed a 40 feet tall, 11" caliper Blue Atlas Cedar at the Maryland Zoo in Baltimore in early 2020! Maryland Public Television accompanied us on this project and featured it on their series called Farm and Harvest. Our tree farm and a few of our staff were also featured on the show. The show aired on February 4th, 2020. If you missed the program, you can watch below.

    Shade and Ornamental Trees

    Ruppert Nurseries specializes in high quality shade & ornamental trees. Today, we are just over 600 acres of trees in production in sizes of 2.0"-16.0" in caliper. We can machine dig trees up to 11.0" in caliper with our truck mounted tree spades.

    We begin selling our ornamental trees at 2.0" and our shade trees at 2.5". We have trees for sale in many varieties as large as 10.0"-16.0" in caliper.  Our trees start with the best liners on the market and are grown in carefully prepared soil. We prune yearly to support and promote strong branching and consistant growth habits. We currentlyhave just over 600 acres of trees in production.  In 2018 we began planting a percentage of our trees in "big tree blocks" with the intention to grow these blocks on until they reach 5.0" or larger.  This will help ensure that we will always be a big tree nursery capable of supplying larger caliper trees for years to come.  

    Evergreen Trees

    Ruppert Nurseries offers more than a dozen different types of evergreen trees for use as a specimen or screening.  We have evergreens for sale in sizes from 8' to 30'.

    Large Tree Moving
    Ruppert’s production crews are trained in machine and hand-digging, and are capable of transplanting and installing plant material of almost any size. Our tree moving services provide our customers with options to feasibly relocate plant material on site, as well as install large trees. We have an assortment of tree spades that allow us to dig trees with root balls ranging from 24 inches to 100 inches. We can also hand dig root balls with virtually no size limit depending on the site conditions and access.

    Tree Moving Equipment

    100″ and 90″ Truck-Mount (Big John)

    The truck-mounted spades dig and plant up to 11-inch caliper trees (up to 14-inch caliper with certain varieties and in special conditions) as well as evergreens in excess of 30’.

    54″ Loader-Mount

    This skid loader-mounted tree spade digs and plants a range of trees from three-to-five-inch caliper and evergreens to 18’20’. It features a John Deere skid-steer loader with a Dutchman tree spade.

    42″ Skid Steer-Mount

    This skid-loader-mounted tree spade digs and plants up to four-inch caliper trees as well as evergreens to 14-16’.

    Specialty Hand Digging

    The production crews at Ruppert Nurseries are trained to hand-dig and move (including the use of a crane when necessary) specimens of almost any size. Please call with specific requests and our staff will work with you to design the most effective and efficient digging and installing methods for the health of your tree.

    Ruppert Nurseries was incorporated in 1990 when brothers Craig and Chris Ruppert, then owners of Ruppert Landscape Company, ventured into the nursery industry by lining out eight acres of nursery stock to help support the demands of the landscape market. Over the past two decades, the company has expanded its nursery production by buying additional acreage and increasing the quantity of new plantings each year. In 1996, the property of Fall Creek Farm was purchased and slated to become the company’s primary nursery field. In 1999, as the first liner planting matured, Ruppert Nurseries moved its offices to its current Laytonsville, MD location. Additional surrounding land purchases have provided the nursery with over 600 acres for its growing operations. Ruppert Nurseries has grown to become one of the premier large-caliper wholesale tree nurseries in the central and eastern U.S. and specializes in providing the highest quality stock available.