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Mobjack Nurseries @ MANTS

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    2022 MANTS - Mobjack Nurseries: Come meet and greet with the Mobjack staff @ MANTS

    Exciting Quality With Exceptional Service!  
    Mobjack Nurseries, Inc. is a wholesale nursery located in Mobjack, Va. on the western shore of the Chesapeake Bay. Mobjack Nurseries is in it's 86th year of business. Our motto is 'Exciting Quality with Exceptional Service'.

    We specialize in the new and unusual while also producing reliable favorites. Prompt delivery, often the next day to our Mid Atlantic customers. Boston included. Our product mix includes unique, hard to find items and a wide range of traditional plant material. Our sizes range from B&B to 15 gallon PNP, 10 gallon, 7 gallon, 3 gallon to 1 gallon. We have over 50 Hosta varieties for Spring. We have a great selection of mature grasses with newer crops following behind. We now have more of your favorites with new introductions for Spring. B&B are not predug. Dug on demand. Our team is focused on customer satisfaction.

    Address:   4208 East River Rd. Mobjack, VA 23056
    Email:     Contact:  
    Phone:  (800) 729-6625   FAX:  (804) 725-3198


    Assorted Aucuba Crops

    Aucuba crops in 3 and 7 gallon. We are well known for our Aucuba.  Here we are showing a crop coming on.

    Pugster Blue® Dwarf Butterfly Bush

    Compact butterfly bush that attracts butterflies. A compact form of Buddleia that blooms from late Spring thru Fall.

    Viburnum Moonlite Lace

    Green foliage. Burgundy stems. White flowers in Spring. Low growing. Drought tolerant.  Attracts butterflies.

    Mobjack Nurseries takes pride in growing the very best in plants for the landscape. Whether it's the unusual, specimen or tried-and-true, we probably have what you need.

    The nursery began in 1929 as a hobby for Emmett Machen, when he had time between buying,  planting and harvesting oysters in the Mobjack Bay. From these early days of growing and hybridizing camellias, the nursery began to grow when John L. Machen, Sr. joined the company in 1958. Instituting a program of field grown, woody ornamentals, he and the nursery soon became known for its hollies, magnolias and Japanese maples. John L. Machen, Jr.  joined his father in 1982 and began an expansion of the container operation. John Lee has specialized in Hosta and has introduced a number of named varieties to include Hostas 'Patriot', 'Minuteman', 'Night Before Christmas', and 'Liberty'. George Machen joined the Mobjack team in 1992 and has continued to charge the field division by expanding the P/P growing area.

    Today, years after the backyard beginning, the nursery is growing plants on 25+ acres of container production, has moved into water / bog plants and has over 200 acres in field grown material. The product being produced today is a dynamic mix of perennials, flowering shrubs, grasses, trees and aquatic plants. We are a continuing source of color and we are known for growing the newest, slightly unusual and often hard to find plants.