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Lynx Associates @ MANTS

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    Growing With You -- manufacture representative for Theriault & Hachey Growing Mixes, Van der Knaap coir, Bamboo Supply stakes and trellises, Novozymes Actinovate SP & AG, and Actino-Iron
    Lynx Associates Inc. is a professional and technical sales force ready to go. Compared with a direct sales force, we save manufacturers time and money because we already have the relationship within the industry, generating orders quicker for the principal. This allows you to concentrate on manufacturing and product development. Having strong, reliable agents reduces your workload. We are your business partners, helping to maximize your revenue and profitability. You have a fixed sales cost because we work on commission or a monthly retainer. We work hard to sell your products and also provide important market information, especially about competitor’s presence.

    Once on board, Lynx Associates Inc. researches and determines how your product and current program fit in the marketplace. We look at the current distributor network and suggest a game plan. Working together with the right tools, we will have a great winning relationship. Keep in mind, just like hiring a company salesperson, there are good ones and there are great ones. With your support we will be the great sales team you are looking for. Our reputation depends on it!

    Address:     24 Cayuga Ave. Oakland, NJ 07436
    Email:     Contact:   Kozak, Michael
    Phone:    201-405-0300   FAX:  206-203-2699


    ProSource Plus has developed several mixes based on water holding capacity and air porosity to meet specific plant needs and growing conditions. From facilities in Virginia, ProSource Plus serves the East Coast and Mid-West region with bulk loads, totes and 2 cf bags. Once you give it a try you will see the difference, making life easier to manage the crop.

    Theriault & Hachey Peat Moss Ltd has been a preferred Canadian sphagnum peat moss supplier to the horticultural and mushroom industries, for more than 50 years. Offering customers the highest quality peat moss products combined with exceptional customer service and support, we work directly with you to meet all your needs.

    Customized Peat-Based Blends for Vigorous Plant Growth
    In addition to producing high quality peat-based standard growing mixes, T&H also manufactures custom-blended growing substrates. Our state-of-the-art mixing line will provide you with unparalleled blended growing mixes to meet your specific plant and crop growing needs to shorten their growth cycle.

    Growing Mixes

    Use our professional and custom peat-based growing mixes, or growing substrate, made with Canadian sphagnum peat moss, to save you time and money. Our customized peat moss-based blends are formulated to optimize crop growth. Imagine increasing your yields and boosting both your productivity and your bottom line. Moreover, a shorter growth cycle will lower your capital and labour costs, saving you time and money. Your crops deserve high quality growing mixes.

    Peat Moss

    At Theriault & Hachey Peat Moss Ltd. we offer a variety of top quality Canadian sphagnum peat moss grades for all your growing needs. From extra fine grade to extra coarse, you’ll find a peat moss designed for any planting stage and soil environment.

    • Extra Fine Grade Peat Moss
    • Fine Grade Peat Moss
    • Medium Grade Peat Moss
    • Coarse Grade Peat Moss
    • Extra Coarse Grade Peat Moss

    Barky Beaver’s mission is to provide customers with quality products at a good value, while providing a delivery service that is second to none. With acres of mulch and bark in year-round inventory, Barky Beaver ships thousands of loads to customers each year. A fleet of trailer trucks deliver bulk shipments of mulch and nursery mixes, while bagged shipments are quickly and efficiently delivered on flatbeds for easy unloading by the customer. 

    Hands holding soil

    Because Barky Beaver offers such a wide array of products, we provide a one-stop source for almost any soil mix needed for landscaping, growing plants or for retail sales. We value our integrity, dependability and are known for our excellent customer service. We are respected throughout the horticulture industry for our continued commitment to natural ingredients that respect the earth and environment.

    Barky Beaver Mulch and Soil Mix, Inc. is located in the small rural community of Moss, Tenn. A second mulch processing operation is located in Algood, Tenn., near Cookeville, just off I-40. Nestled in the heart of the Tennessee Upper Cumberland on Tennessee’s Eastern Highland Rim, Barky Beaver has access to some of the best and largest stockpiles of bark available anywhere. From this bountiful source, bark is readily made into products that are delivered to markets in the South Central and lower Midwest regions of the U.S.