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Great Lakes Fastening @ MANTS

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    Fastening Solutions, not just Fasteners!
    Great Lakes Fastening is a family-owned business located in Knoxville, TN. We distribute and manufacture hog rings, staples, and tools, as well as custom solutions for the fastener industry. Great Lakes Fastening offers specialized vendor managed inventory tailored to individual customer needs. With thousands of tools and parts in stock, we also offer 24-hour tool repair on most tools, a full line of replacement parts, tool rentals, and on-location training on the safe use of all tools. Through direct communication with our dedicated employees and a combined 40 years of industry experience, Great Lakes Fastening is committed to providing our customers with expert knowledge, personalized fastener solutions and services, in-stock inventory, 24-hour shipping, and guaranteed quality that raises the standard in our industry.

    Address:   2810 Hoitt Ave. Knoxville, TN 37917
    Email:     Contact:   Vahan Janoyan
    Phone:  877-969-0031   FAX:  877-969-0032


    Pliers & Fastener Tools

    Make your life easier in regards to B&B, Tagging, and fastening with options that will make you more efficient and profitable. GL Fast offers a variety of hog rings and staple tools for countless applications.



    At Great Lakes Fastening, we have a dynamic lineup of Hog Rings, Staples, Stitching Wire, Sod Staples available in-stock with guaranteed quality, shipped in 24-hours.

    Our hog rings are perfect for any nursery to quickly tag and identify the type of plant or tree in a pot. Additionally, hog rings are an easy and effective way to ball and burlap trees. Looking for a special size? We can manufacture any size! Available in Galvanized, Galfan, Aluminum, Stainless Steel in either sharp or blunt.

    Collated Hog Rings

    • 1/2″ HOG RINGS

    • 3/4″ 15 GA HOG RINGS

    • 3/4″ 16 GA HOG RINGS

    • 3/8″ HOG RINGS

    • 9/16″ HOG RINGS

    • 11/16″ HOG RINGS

    • 13/16″ HOG RINGS

    • 1.5″ HOG RINGS

    Loose Hog Rings

    • Available in stock sizes from 9 gauge to 16 gauge

    Sod Staples


    Stitching Wire

    General Manager

    Vahan Janoyan 


    Product Specialists 

    John Smiley 


    Procurement/ Replenishment

     Sean Fleming 



    Corey Bowling


    Ed Johnson 



    Kim Janoyan