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Buxus x NewGen Freedom® and Independence®

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    Buxus x NewGen Freedom® and Independence®

    The 50 count deep plug offers more root mass than most 50 count plugs. It's deep channels are perfect for one gallon production. It's depth puts roots near the bottom of the pot for a quick rooting out process.

    Buxus x NewGen Freedom® 'SB 300' PPAF 50 DEEP PLUG;

    .... is an excellent boxwood. It was selected due to its high tolerance of Boxwood Blight and resistance to Boxwood Leafminer. Its vigor helps it create an attractive plant quicker than many cultivars but it also makes annual pruning a must. With annual pruning, this plant makes a fabulous specimen. 

    Cultivar: Buxus NewGen Freedom® ‘SB300’ PPAF

    Zone: 5-8

    Growth Rate: Fast, 3 to 6 inches per year

    Sun Exposure: Sun, part sun, shade

    Attributes: NewGen Freedom® is a relatively vigorous, rounded cultivar that is slightly taller than wide. It has beautiful glossy medium green foliage. Its habit is more uniform and tighter than Buxus microphylla ‘Wintergreen’ or Buxus microphylla ‘Winter Gem’ thus making it an excellent choice for many formal and residential landscapes. Deer resistant!

    Care: NewGen Freedom® should be pruned each year in late winter to early spring. If not pruned, the plant will tend to open up in the center, especially in spring when new foliage is wet and young. NewGen Freedom® is very resistant to Boxwood Leafminer and very tolerant of Boxwood Blight. It has very few disease or pest issues when planted and cared for properly.

    Uses: Medium specimen, medium hedge, foundation plant

    Substitutes: ‘Wintergreen,’ ‘Winter Gem,’ ‘Jim Stauffer,’ ‘Green Mountain’

    Size:      15 years (3.5’ Tall and 3.5’ Wide) 25 years (5’ Tall and 5’ Wide)


    Buxus x NewGen Independence® 'SB108' 50 DEEP PLUG

    .... was chosen based on its very high tolerance to Boxwood Blight as well as its outstanding performance in Boxwood Leafminer trials. It's growth is similar to Buxus microphylla ‘Green Beauty’ but has much better Boxwood Leafminer resistance and the leaves are slightly more elongated. NewGen Independence® was a chance seedling found in the Williamsburg, Virginia area. 

    Cultivar: Buxus NewGen Independence® ‘SB108’ PP28888

    Zone: 5b-8 with continued testing underway

    Growth Rate: Medium, 2 to 4 inches per year

    Exposure: sun, part sun, shade

    Attributes: NewGen Independence® is a very deep green medium sized cultivar that holds excellent color throughout the winter. It has a rounded habit that is nearly as tall as wide. NewGen Independence® can be used in formal plantings where a medium sized round plant is desired. Would be a replacement for Buxus sempervirens ‘Suffruticosa’ (English Boxwood) for foundational plantings. Branching structure is very strong allowing it to withstand most moderate to heavy snow loads. Deer resistant.

    Care: NewGen Independence® should be pruned lightly in late winter to early spring to maintain uniform shape. It is not uncommon for fall frosts to burn new growth that occurred in the late summer or fall. These burned shoots can be removed in late fall after first freeze or in late winter/early spring depending on the gardener’s preference.

    Uses: Medium specimen, medium hedge, foundation plant.

    Substitute for: ‘Green Beauty,’ ‘Suffruticosa,’ ‘Green Velvet,’ ‘Green Mound’

    Size: 15 years (3’ Tall and 3’ Wide) 25 years (4.5’ Tall and 4.5’ Wide)


    Finished Nursery Stock
    Since 1921, Decker's Nursery has been propagating plants and relationships. Providing high quality liners of the best genetics to wholesale nurseries across the country. We offer a wide variety of potted deciduous and evergreen shrubs and grafted evergreens, including upright Junipers, that work well with any pot or field production. We work with some of the best breeder companies, vigorously trial each cultivar for quality and ease of production so you do not have to. We want to be your propagation department.

    Address:   6239 Rager Rd. Groveport, OH 43125
    Contact:   Adam Brown Sales Manager Decker's Nursery
    Phone:  614-836-2130   FAX:  614-836-1558


    Our family nursery business began in the year 1921. The business was founded by Paul Offenberg. Paul was a new immigrant from Holland, where he had been Royal Garden Advisor for Kaiser Wilhelm prior to the beginning of World War I. The business was named The Paul Offenberg Nurseries, and was located in Columbus, Ohio at 1988 E. Livingston Ave. The business was involved in propagation, grafting, liner production, retail landscaping, and general retail sales. In 1945, the business relocated to 3415 E. Livingston Ave. The focus remained the same, however more space was available for evergreen B&B production.

    Paul Offenberg


    Paul Offenberg

    In Late 1953, Paul’s son-in-law, Bernard J. Decker joined the business as Vice President. Bernard’s background was in ornamental iron and steel fabrication, which he had practiced since returning from World War II as a decorated radio operator and gunner in the US Air Force over Europe. The training in steel and construction eventually paid off later in his career as all future greenhouse construction at our present location was fabricated in house under his direction.

    Paul Offenberg suffered a stroke in 1957, and passed away on October 2, 1958. Bernard Decker took over the reins of the business, and proved to be a quick study as company President, propagator, landscape designer, and nursery sock salesman. In 1967 Bernard was elected President of the Ohio Nurseryman’s Association. The business steadily prospered over the years, and in 1974 new land was purchased in Groveport, Ohio as a site for future relocation. At this time, Brian M. Decker, Bernard’s son and Paul’s grandson, expressed a desire to pursue Horticulture as a career, and enrolled in 1976 in The Ohio State University seeking a degree in Horticulture.


    Brian graduated in 1979 from Ohio State, and joined the business as a manager and landscape salesman. In 1981, the business relocated to its current location in Groveport. The focus in the gradual construction of the new facility was propagation, pot liner, field B&B production, and container production. In addition, the corporation was reorganized and the name was changed in 1981 to Decker’s Nursery, Inc. The landscape design and installation focus of the business declined in importance and was discontinued completely in 1992.

    In 1992, Brian became President of the company. In 1993 Mary Betty Decker, Bernard’s wife of 50 Years and Secretary of the Company, passed away. In 1993, Brian was elected President of The Ohio Nursery and Landscape Association. The following year Bernard remarried a wonderful lady, Dorothy Compton, and entered semi-retirement from the business. He still contributed in consultation on long range planning, equipment fabrication and modification, and greenhouse design and construction until his passing in 2012.

    Bernard Decker, left, receiving the Distinguished Contribution Award from the Ohio Nursery and Landscape Association.


    Bernard Decker, left, receiving the Distinguished Contribution Award from the Ohio Nursery and Landscape Association.

    In 1999 a new 108-acre farm was purchased nearly adjacent to the main nursery. Progress was made to begin planting, installation of a irrigation system throughout the entire farm, and improve drainage. In 2004 a major million dollar plus construction program began on the new farm to construct buildings, ponds, shipping docks, and a 6 acre propagation and liner production facility. This new liner facility used modern greenhouses and equipment to allow the company to move to a new level in national propagation and liner production. This facility continues to expand as custom contract propagation and liner production takes center stage in the company’s future expansion.  In 2016 we are breaking ground on a stage one of Westbrook structure that, when complete, will double our current liner growing area.

    In addition to the greenhouse facility, the company has utilized this newacreage to expand the field finished stock production.  Mike Miller, General Manager, has coordinated the three divisions, Field, Container, and Propagation into a well oiled machine.

    At this point in time in 2016, the future is solid but quite a challenge in the nursery industry. With the help the help of Brian’s wife Pat, their sons Nick, Sam, and Andy, and a truly dedicated and focused staff, the company is poised to leap into the future of the nursery industry.

    “Decker’s customer service is excellent; they know their inventory, their product, and their customer.  They always do what they say they’re  going to do and in the set time frame.” – Jennifer Radcliffe, William A. Natorp Company

    “They have a great choice of plant material, which you know is going to be an excellent value and of consistent quality. ”  ” Mike and Keith are not only knowledgeable, but can help you evaluate your products and growing methods and even “tailor” a product that best fits your scenario.” – Jim Crumbacher, William A. Natorp Company