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Clarity Connect @ MANTS

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    Website & Marketing Solutions for the Horticulture Industry
    Since 2001, we have helped hundreds of horticulture companies of all sizes improve their marketing, productivity, and most importantly sales.  We take the time to listen to our customers to get a clear understanding of their issues and opportunities.  We then combine our experience, creativity, and technology to develop innovative, practical solutions to meet our clients' business objectives. We make it Easy!

    Relevant Technology

    Over the last 20 years, we have developed horticulture-specific technology that we leverage to deliver easy-to-use, yet powerful website solutions. Additionally, that allows us to deploy more robust results at price points that have paybacks in months, not years. 

    Massive Plant Library

    Our customers select from our plant database of 22,000+ records to build their own customized online plant library. After downloading the relevant plant records, they then modify/localize the information to meet their needs and add the SKUs (sellable sizes) they offer. Our solution saves our customers weeks of work and the headaches associated with finding quality images.

    Address:     128 Raleigh St. Holly Springs, NC 27540
    Email:     Contact:   Timothy Howard
    Phone:    (919) 577-9901    FAX:  (919) 746-7347


    Websites for Wholesale Growers and Grower Retailers

    Easy-to-update websites with grower-specific functionality 

    From wholesale growers specializing in young plants to those specializing in large nursery stock with multiple growing locations, we have creative, practical website and marketing solutions for all types of wholesale growers.

    Custom Designed Websites
    We custom design each website to match our clients needs.

    Update your Site Easily
    Our customers, even the 'non-technical ones', can easily update their websites using our Clarity Console website content management tools.  If you would like a demonstration of our technology, please contact us.

    Scalable Solutions
    We have solutions for all business sizes. For small niche growers, we have templated solutions that are low cost and very quick to deploy. For medium and large growers we have a broad range of solutions to pick from to meet your requirements. Over time, you can easily add additional functionality to continue to make it easier for your customers to do business with you. 

    Inventory Integration
    You can display inventory availability on your site. It can be as simple as attaching a file/updating it whenever you need to, or we can have the site integrate with your inventory/business system and automatically update the online availability.  We can monitor quantities available to not allow sales for out of stock plants.

    Online Sales
    Virtually all of our wholesale growers now include online ordering.  We will work with you to ensure the online ordering process and pricing works for you and your customers. Your website can require online payment or allow your customers to place their order without payment and you invoice them as per your normal processes.  In fact, you can allow specific customers to purchase on terms while others would need to enter a credit card to complete their order.

    A phone-friendly website functionality added to your Clarity Console™ Plant Database Manager. This allows you to use your smartphone or tablet connected to the Internet to take current crop pictures & quickly upload them to the appropriate plant SKU.

    As you walk around your nursery and think, 'Wow, that plant looks great!', you can snap a picture and quickly post it to your website as a current crop image. This is particularly great if you are selling to Garden Centers as they want plants with the Wow factor on their benches.

    For your customers who are contemplating purchasing large quantities of a particular variety, you can let them know what it looks like 'right now' to help them with their purchase decision. In fact, we can implement the option for your customers, after logging in, to request a current crop image of a variety and size they are interested in.

    When you upload the image, the appropriate customer(s) will receive an email with a link to the plant record with the current crop image.

    When you upload a current crop image, you indicate the expiration date. For example, for flowering shrubs, you might have the image expire in 7 days, but for an ornamental grass, it might be 30 days.

    The 'Current Crop' Image will display first on your plant detail page until it is removed from your site.  The additional images are still available and can be seen by clicking on the relevant thumbnail.

    You can log in to your Clarity Console to manage, including updating and deleting, your current crop images.

    Additionally, we can create a 'What's Hot?' / 'In Bloom' section on your site and automatically display plants with a current crop image in that section of your site.  Of course, the plant records would also be displayed in your normal plant library.