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Alpha Nursery @ MANTS

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    A 150-acre site for producing top-quality container nursery stock
    Wholesale grower of container grown ornamentals, trees, roses, Bushel & Berry, Sunset Western Garden Collection, Encore Azaleas, Proven Winners brand and more! With our choice of plant varieties Alpha is your one stop shop supplier. We deliver quality plants and the best customer service by shipping year round to your business. In 1978 the seed was planted when a single greenhouse was built on the family farm in Salem, Oregon. Over 30 years later, our wholesale nursery has grown into a 150-acre site for producing top-quality container nursery stock.


    Growing a wide palette of plant material has made us a one-stop-shop supplying independent garden centers, re-wholesalers and landscapers across North America with woody plant materials including: deciduous and evergreen broadleaves, flowering and shade trees, specialty grafted conifers and maples, topiaries, grasses, and roses. We've built our business by taking the time to know our customers and their needs. All of us appreciate your business and we thank you for your continued loyalty. Call us at 1.800.293.1286 or come visit and let us know how we can serve you!

    Address:     5050 Hazel Green Rd. NE Salem, OR 97305
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    Phone:    503-390-1286    FAX:  503-390-2639


    Sales Reps

    Bill Dapses

    Montana, Utah, S Idaho

    Phone: 801.572.4862

    Fax: 801.572.5471

    Tim Wommack

    Illinois, Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, S Indiana

    Phone: 314.409.9710

    Fax: 314.721.0899

    Scott Tarris

    E Iowa, Ohio, Pennsylvania

    Phone: 724-237-7605

    Scott Ingram

    Kentucky, Tennessee, West Virginia

    Phone: 800.759.6974

    Fax: 502.243.8782

    David Faassen

    Washington, N Idaho, N California

    Phone: 800.460.6943

    John Parrish


    Phone: 303.502.7553

    Jason Kuehl

    Nebraska, South and North Dakota, W Iowa

    Phone: 402.669.6703

    Barry Freeman

    New Jersey

    Phone: 215.588.1669

    Nearly forty years ago, Doug Zielinski, a recent Oregon State graduate and fourth generation farmer, decided to pursue his dream of having a nursery. In 1978 he constructed a single greenhouse on the family farm located in Salem, and Alpha Nursery was born. Growing up, Doug was always last in line thanks to the Z in his last name. He wanted his nursery to be at the front, so he chose Alpha, derived from the Greek word meaning "beginning."

    Old Aerial Photo

    The nursery initially provided high-quality ornamentals to several local landscape outfits, many of which are still customers today. Each year, more of the aging orchards on the farm were removed until Alpha became the 150 acre nursery it is today. The primary customers served are retail garden centers, landscapers and re-wholesalers throughout the US.

    First tradeshows

    Trade shows assisted in sales as the nursery continued to grow. In 1990, Alpha Nursery became incorporated and began a more aggressive marketing campaign by hiring its first outside sales representative. Today, there are six representatives covering various parts of the United States.


    Serving such a vast market area and unique customers has led Alpha Nursery to its diverse product line. Several hundred varieties of plant material are grown in a wide range of container sizes. Retail-ready conifers, broadleaves, shade trees, ornamental grasses, perennials, roses, topiaries, and specialty grafted items all play a part in Alpha Nursery's success.

    Ariel after expansion

    Also contributing to Alpha Nursery's success is its history of being a more innovative nursery. In the early 1990's, one of the first retractable-roof greenhouses in Oregon was erected at Alpha. Following this installation, a satellite radio-controlled irrigation system was put into place, retrofitting the traditional time-clock system. Levels of production and efficiency were increased when the company began applying new potting systems such as drill machines and in-line machines. In the later 1990's, a pot 'n pot yard was developed. Again, one of the earliest in Oregon. Developing new ways to deliver stronger plants has kept Alpha Nursery competitive over the past few decades.

    Employee Photo

    The most critical element to the growth of Alpha's business is its commitment to its employees and family. Many employees, including general manager RJ Tancredi, have been there since the beginning. Every one of the employees are hired for full-time work all year around and trained for a wide range of jobs. With plenty of work and great benefits, employee turnover is relatively non-existent.

    Doug and Josh

    Family also plays an important role at Alpha Nursery, as it has for generations on the Zielinski farm. Co-owner Jamie Zielinski, Doug's wife of nearly 30 years, has been instrumental in the nursery's success. Today, they are glad to have two sons, Josh and Scott, involved in the farm and nursery side of the business.


    The past 40 years have been good to Alpha Nursery and the future looks just as bright. Personalized service, product diversity, innovation and commitment to customers, employees and family will continue to drive us toward our goal of providing the highest quality plants to the market in the coming years.