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    Acorn Farms Inc operates as wholesale dealer of nursery stock and goods on a pre-approved basis. Anyone wishing to purchase must make application to become a wholesale customer.

    Creating Distinctive Nursery Products for Wholesale.  
    Acorn Farms was founded in 1976 as an Ohio wholesale nursery on a 47 acre tract in the Alum Creek Valley of Central Ohio. The business has continued to grow and today offers 800 acres of shade and ornamental trees and 45 acres of container nursery stock. Sales are generated by both on and off site staff, with delivery to areas beyond 250 miles with our own fleet of trucks.

    We offer a diverse product line and have the ability to provide timely service, which has afforded Acorn Farms the opportunity to expand rapidly without compromising quality, and to become a leading producer of wholesale nursery stock in the area.

    Address:     7679 Worthington Rd. Galena, OH 43021
    Email:     Contact:  
    Phone:    614-891-9348   FAX:  614-891-1002


    Acorn Customer Appreciation Credit Program

    Creating Distinctive Nursery Products

    7679 Worthington Rd

    Galena, Ohio 43023 

    In an effort to make Acorn Farms a greater value to our customers, we have elected to institute a program where we will offer your business  a credit to your account based on the previous year’s net purchases to be applied towards future purchases in the following year.  Use this program to help figure your net cost for a item from Acorn. 

    A credit will be issued dependent on the customers previous year’s purchases (January 1st to December 31st) and will be applied as a credit towards future purchases in the next calendar year. This credit has no cash value expressed or implied, and will simply be a credit applied to future purchases. We will apply the credit to your account and deduct it as soon as you begin to purchase new material in that calendar year. The credit will be applied to your first invoice; in the event there is still available credit it will continued to be applied until gone.

    It will only be applied to accounts that are in good standing and invoices paid within the agreed upon terms. Past due invoices will not be included in the net sales figure and will likely nullify the entire credit. Nullification of the credit is at Acorn Farms Inc. sole discretion.

    Credits will be applied to customer’s account February 15th of the following year that items were purchased. Credits will expire December 31st of the following year, and will not be carried forward to a future date if unused in the calendar year it was issued. An unused credit will simply be considered unused at the end of the cycle and returned to zero.

    Net sales will be figured by sales of plant material and hard goods only.

    Freight, delivery cost, and tax will not be figured into the net sales. No other discounts will apply.

                    Credit Structure

                                    $125,000 or greater = 10% credit

                                    $85,000- $124,999 = 7.5% credit

                                    $60,000- $84,999 = 5% credit


    Acorn Farms Inc. reserves the right to alter, or terminate the terms, prior to the year the credit is being determined