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    The leading edge growing media
    Premier Tech Horticulture, a Business Unit of Premier Tech, is among the North American leaders of peat moss-based growing media production and distribution. Premier Tech Horticulture manufactures and distributes a complete line of growing media and sphagnum peat moss-based soil amendments that improve the quality and yield of horticultural productions.

    Launched in 1968, the PRO-MIX® professional line has succeeded in evolving to provide growers with value-added growing media that can satisfy the most stringent requirements. PRO-MIX® also offers a retail line with easy to use formulas and premium quality growing mixes. Still considered as a reference on the market thanks to its ability to innovate and provide cutting-edge solutions.

    Address: 127 South Fifth St, #300 Quakertown, PA 18951
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    Phone:    215 529-1290    FAX:     215 529-1288


    Horticulture and Agriculture
    WILSON®C-I-L GolfGreen™PRO-MIX® RetailMYKE®
    Plant-Prod®Green Earth®Nature Mix®Alaskan® ICE MELTER
    Packaging and Material Handling
    Water Treatment
    ECOFLO®Epurfix® (PEHD)Epurflo® (Polyester)Precoflo® (Concrete)
    DiUV Self-cleaningFDiECOFLO® - Biofilter in ClustersPEATLAND™


    Towards customers

    Premier Tech Horticulture provides horticulture professionals with quality and uniform growing media which result from IR&D and continuous improvement projects. Premier Tech Horticulture also sees to the satisfaction of its clientele regarding delivery lead times and the excellence of its customer service and technical support.

    Towards the biotechnological lead of the PRO-MIX® products

    This commitment allows greenhouse growers to optimize their commercial production while minimizing their labour and management costs.

    Towards quality

    Premier Tech Horticulture guarantees that the quality of its products and services meets and even exceeds the requirements of its customers. All of Premier Tech Horticulture’s team members thus undertake to always listen to the needs of their customers and improve their work methods to fulfill the company’s quality promise.

    Towards the environment

    Premier Tech Horticulture subscribes to the rational use of natural resources principle to do its share in terms of sustainable development. In order to minimize the impact of its activities, it thus complies with the industry’s best environmental practices.

    Towards Healt and Safety

    The health and safety of our team members are major priorities. Every day, Premier Tech Horticulture undertakes to provide them with a safe environment and safe work methods.


    Growing with respect for the resource

    For many years, sustainable peatland management and the protection of ecosystems such as its sphagnum peat moss harvesting sites have been firm commitments at Premier Tech Horticulture.

    To preserve the vitality of those areas for many generations still, Premier Tech Horticulture actively participates in the restoration of peat bogs. Even when knowledge was limited regarding the sustainability of resources, Premier Tech Horticulture promoted university research in that field. Some 15 years after its first large-scale peat bog restoration project, the company still continues its efforts, and this, all over Canada. Since it cares about making knowledge progress, Premier Tech Horticulture always devotes a part of its peat bogs to various research projects.

    Those efforts, combined with the experience acquired over the years, allow Premier Tech Horticulture to offer products with a small ecological footprint.



    For Premier Tech Horticulture, obtaining certifications is a validation of the methods, technologies and products developed. For customers, certifications issued by independent organizations represent a guarantee of quality and performance. For instance, obtaining the VeriFlora® Certified Peatland Products certification from Scientific Certification Systems, in 2010, proves the excellence of the company’s practices regarding sustainable development in the field of horticulture. The requirements of that certification for responsible peatland management regard every aspect of the production: from field preparation before harvesting to peat bog restoration, including product quality control and team members’ work conditions.