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Power Planter: Garden Drill Augers

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    Gardening can be a relaxing, enjoyable hobby, but it also can be a lot of hard work. If you use hand tools in your garden, you may know how tiring it can be to dig in your garden manually and find quality garden tools to do the job. This can be especially difficult if you have arthritis or other conditions that can make digging painful or strenuous.

    However, these issues don’t have to hinder the relaxation you feel when spending time in your garden. A garden drill auger from Power Planter gives you the same type of tool professional landscapers use to dig holes quickly and easily. Whether you need to plant bulbs, seeds or grass plugs in your beds or containers, our line of garden bulb augers can make the job much easier for you.

    As a third-generation, family-owned business based in rural Illinois, Power Planter remains deeply connected to our agricultural heritage. We know how important it is for professional landscapers and home gardeners alike to keep doing what they love. That’s why we’re focused on making plant hole diggers that are easy to use. Our commitment means we’re the best place to buy garden drill augers that allow you to continue enjoying your time outside.