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    About Us and Our Guarantee to Customers
    Meet the owner of Power Planter Inc, and what keeps him inspired to make top of the line solutions for all of your gardening and landscape projects. In addition the amount of time and effort Power Planter puts into customer satisfaction.

    Earth Augers Welded by Hand – From Our Farm to Your Door    
    At Power Planter®, we create hand-welded earth augers for home gardening, professional landscaping, DIY projects, post hole digging and so much more. Our augers are 100% made in the USA, and each one includes an unconditional guarantee on parts, materials and craftsmanship.

    Our plant and earth augers are highly durable — perfect to help homeowners and professionals complete almost any planting or digging project faster and more efficiently than using a shovel or spade. Not only that, our augers create loose dirt when drilling holes — this gives your plants better root-to-soil contact and helps reduce plant loss for healthier and more beautiful trees, shrubs, flowers and grass. We offer earth and plant augers in a variety of sizes designed to help you with specific gardening and landscaping needs — we even carry heavy duty models for those bigger, tougher jobs.

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    Contact:   Greg Niewold
    Phone:  217-379-2614   FAX:  217-379-2614


    Auger Applications

    For homeowners and contractors alike, augers are a must-have tool that can do a variety of jobs. Power Planter’s augers come in several lengths and widths to suit all kinds of needs. Garden augers are excellent for spring planting — you can use them to dig holes to the exact depth and width needed to plant bulbs and get your annuals and vegetables in the ground. You may be surprised, however, to learn just how versatile augers are and how many other tasks they can help you handle. Scroll down to see what our earth augers can do.

    Install Termite Bait Stations

    Termites are a big nuisance, but their presence isn’t always visible in the beginning. A subterranean infestation calls for aggressive action. For exterminators, an earth auger makes it much easier to install termite bait stations.

    Dig Holes for Posts and Mailboxes

    Larger augers aren’t just for planting gallon pots. They can also be used to dig post holes. Contractors can use them when installing decks, fences or other projects that require a lot of digging. Homeowners will find an auger makes tasks such as digging holes for a mailbox post a much easier job. You can also use one of our augers to dig irrigation trenches.

    Make It a Beach Day

    If you take frequent trips to the beach, bring an auger instead of a shovel to dig a hole, so you can put up your umbrella or a volleyball net.

    Stir Things Up a Bit

    Augers are handy for mixing. If you need to stir buckets of paint, mix mortar or stir driveway sealant, an auger makes the job a lot easier.

    Remove Clogs

    Augers can clear straight stretches of drain. Use a correctly sized auger in PVC drain lines to remove clogs.

    Dig Horizontally

    Sometimes, the job requires you to dig horizontally. If you need to run plumbing or conduit beneath a sidewalk, then an auger is the only way to make the hole without tearing a section of the sidewalk.

    Why Are Earth Augers Better Than a Shovel?

    There are other tasks a garden auger or earth auger can handle, as well. Whether you need to bore holes or mix liquids, the augers that we offer will help!

    People prefer augers to shovels for a very simple reason: Augers make the job easier. For people struggling with arthritis, an auger places less strain on the hands than a shovel or trowel. Plus, because earth augers dig quick, precise holes, gardeners and landscapers with large planting jobs ahead of them find that the work of digging dozens of holes goes much faster.

    Augers in longer lengths reduce the need to bend, or even kneel, which places less strain on the back and knees. In areas that are difficult to dig — places where the ground is hard, rocky or heavy with clay — an earth auger is easier to use than a shovel.

    Feel free to browse the selection of augers available from Power Planter. If you have questions about which model is best-suited for your needs, or you would like to order, don’t hesitate to contact us!