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Plants West, Inc. @ MANTS

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    Top quality ornamentals, conifers, trees and topiaries
    Wholesale grower and distributer of top quality ornamentals, conifers, trees and topiaries. We offer a large assortment of b&b and container grown plants for both the retailer and the re-wholesaler. With frequent full and partial shipments to the east coast and upper midwest we can deliver all your plant needs throughout your selling year.

    Plants West is happy to be the consistant, reliable supplier of quality nursery stock to our customers for over 25 years. We are a grower and broker with an extended list of retail ready ornamentals. We pride ourselves in our ability to maintain quality control of all brokered plants, as well as our own, by bringing them into our nursery for redistribution. We have worked with many nurseries in Oregon, both large and small, and have built relationships that honor our high quality needs and expectations. Most of our customers include re-wholesalers, large scale garden centers and larger landscapers who buy finished material, as well as growers buying liners. You can choose from #1 containers and up, as well as B&B material. We offer conifers, evergreen and decidious shrubs, Japanese maples along with topiaries of many varieties. We are the "one stop shop"!

    Address:     27094 S. Bolland Rd. Canby, OR 97013
    Email:     Contact:   Cruz, Alicia
    Phone:    503-266-3912   FAX:  503-266-3914


    Boxwoods, evergreen & deciduous shrubs, topiary

    Here is a representative sampling of what we typically have available. We have a large variety of boxwoods, Japanese maples, conifers, topiary, flowers shrubs like hydrangeas, rhododendrons, azaleas, pieris, just to name a few.

    We are a great supplier for all Northwest grown plants that offer you the variety you want and the quality that you deserve.  Look to us for your retail ready boxwoods, euoynmus, rhodies, skip and otto luyken laurels grown in containers and in the field.  We have a lot of different varieties of Pieris like Caventine, Prelude, Mountain Fire, Scarlet O'hare, Valley Valentine, etc. 

    We have a variety of grafted blue spruces like Globosa, Baby Blue, Backeri and Fat Albert.  We grow and broker a nice variety of Japanese maples both uprights like Bloodgood, Emperor 1, Sangokaku, Shishigashira, and weepers like Crimson Queen, Tamukeyama, Orangeloa, Red Dragon and Viridis.