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Paul Boers Manufacturing -- greenhouse systems

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    A Leader in Greenhouse Technology  
    Since 1958 Paul Boers Ltd. has been providing greenhouse systems across North America. The best available products and service are what you have come to expect from Paul Boers Ltd. We pride ourselves on building long lasting relationships with our customers. In fact, a substantial portion of our business is with repeat customers, both greenhouse expansions and additions to various systems.

    Our aim is to supply our customers with greenhouses and systems, using the best applicable technology. We keep ourselves informed about the latest developments in the horticultural industry and translate this into advice to assist our customers in their purchase. Knowing that each customer is different and no project is the same. We view each job as a challenge but also bring the knowledge gained from our extensive experience.

    Address: 3500 South Service Rd. Vineland Station, ON LOR 2EO
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    Poly Greenhouse Care

    Always be sure that your poly is secured properly onto your greenhouse. Ensuring any cuts or tears are taped up. This leaves no opportunity for wind damage to greenhouse and/or crops.

    Points of care for winter:

    • Before winter ensure your double poly cover is properly inflated so snow and ice can readily slide off the roof
    • If you choose not to heat all winter long, consider heating only when there is snowfall or ice storm. Do not let ice accumulate on roof
    • Should there be a risk of damage due to heavy snow on the house, cut the poly with a knife and take the stress off of the structure
    • Poly expands or contracts as temperature changes. Periodically check that your poly is fastened securely and check for proper inflation of air between the two layers. The poly on your greenhouse should last 4 years or longer if you take these precautions and care. If you find tears or small holes be certain to patch them immediately with a poly patch tape or builder’s tape to maintain the seal.