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Pallet Tower, LLC -- non-return pallet products

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    A New Way To Pack, Ship & Sell Your Material
    With Pallet TowerTM, growers and distributors in the plant industry can minimize the cost, headache and risk of packing and shipping live plant material. Designed to be equal parts portable, lightweight, recyclable and sturdy, Pallet TowerTM is a patent-pending product that helps streamline your packing, shipping and selling processes into a single one-way system.

    Pallet TowerTM enables the palletization of goods for easier transport and use of common carrier shipping. By reducing the amount of manpower required to load and unload trucks AND maximizing truck loads to their fullest potential, our customers using Pallet TowerTM have seen both logistical efficiency gain and cost savings within the first quarter of product adoption.

    Address:   Marshville, NC
    Email:  INFO@PALLETTOWER.COM     Contact:  
    Phone:  951-834-4716   FAX: 


    Pallet Tower - How to Assemble
    A quick demonstration of how to build a Pallet Tower(TM).