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Willoway Nurseries @ MANTS

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    Growing for Generations ... Cultivating Relationships for a Lifetime  
    Willoway Nurseries, Inc. is one of the largest wholesale growers of quality nursery stock in the midwest and ranks within the top 40 nationwide. Willoway encompasses approximately 550 acres of field production and 450 acres of container stock which includes 32 acres of climate controlled greenhouses. We carry over 2,000 different plant varieties including shade trees, ornamental trees and shrubs, evergreens, perennials, and flowering annuals.

    Willoway Nurseries, based in Ohio, is a progressive, forward thinking company. Although we are a third generation family-owned business, we are known for always being on the forefront of the horticulture industry with technology, marketing, and growing techniques. We pride ourselves on our established roots and vision to grow for generations into the future.

    Address:   4534 Center Rd. Avon, OH 44011
    Email:     Contact:  
    Phone:  (866)-934-4435   FAX:  440-934-5826


    Meet the Willoway Sales & Marketing team!


    Jennifer Goddard

    Chief of Sales & Marketing 
    Mobile: 440-934-3826


    Leigh Stumm

    Inside Sales Manager

    Ext. 2236


    Danny Gouge

    Marketing/Key Account Manager

    Ext. 2229


    Marc Mathewson

    Sales Analyst Manager

    Ext. 2269


    Nick Foringer

    Marketing/Key Accounts Supervisor

    Ext. 2223


    Bill Owens

    Principal Photography, Marketing

    Ext. 2428


    Mike Sclater

    Territory Manager -- Michigan, Northern Indiana
    Mobile: (440) 731-9565


    Jennifer Young

    Inside Sales Representative -- Michigan, Northern Indiana
    Ext. 2431


    Craig Hallman

    Territory Manager -- Pennsylvania, New York
    Mobile: (440) 731-2391


    Dave Lendon

    Territory Manager -- Northern Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota
    Mobile: (440) 420-0101


    Tony Gonzalez

    Inside Sales Representative -- Northern Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa
    Ext. 2430


    Josh Burkhalter

    Territory Manager -- Arkansas, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Colorado
    Mobile: (440) 219-9354


    Della Macko

    Inside Sales Representative -- Arkansas, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Colorado
    Ext. 2238


    Jeanne Hicks

    Territory Manager -- Mid/East-Central Ohio, West Virginia, Maryland, East Coast
    Mobile: (440) 328-7826


    Steve Novak

    Inside Sales Representative -- Mid/East-Central Ohio, West Virginia, Maryland, East Coast
    Ext. 2258


    Andrea Dumm

    Territory Manager -- Northwest Ohio
    Mobile: (330) 354-9309


    Trish Danielson

    Inside Sales Representative -- Northwest Ohio
    Ext. 2242


    Brad Lokai

    Territory Manager -- Southwest Ohio, Kentucky, Southern Indiana
    Mobile: (440) 420-2669


    Steve Miller

    Inside Sales Representative -- Southwest Ohio, Kentucky, Southern Indiana
    Ext. 2432

    New England Nursery Sales

    Mike Guidosh
    Maine, New Hampshire, E. Mass


    Charlie Plonski

    Vermont, Eastern NY, W. Mass, Rhode Island, Connecticut


    Waterford, Vermont
    (802) 751-8400
    Fax: (802) 751-8124

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