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    Turnkey Garden Centers by VRE Systems  (Dec 02, 2020)

    Why choose a Turnkey Garden Center? 

    If you are an owner of a retail garden center, or if you work for a larger store and have space outside that is used seasonally as a garden center, then you may be interested in hearing about a new initiative we have launched at VRE Systems. As you know, VRE Systems has 40 years of experience providing products such as customer service carts, benching, merchandisers, structures, shaders and more to the garden center industry, we took our expertise one step farther by designing five new turnkey garden center designs! 

    We’ve nicknamed these packages our “Garden Center in a Box” offering – because all you have to do is decide which design works best for you or your store and then just call one of our retail garden center experts – and order it! 

    Based on our most popular products, and with sizing based on what our retail experts see most often, our Turnkey Garden Centers run from a small “Micro” design that would work well at a drug store or small main street department store, to an 80’ by 80’ square, complete with structures, shaders, benching and more.

    This concept is one of the more exciting things that has hit our retail market offering within the last 6 months. If you are new to the garden center game, it’s overwhelming to start at square one - so VRE is here to take the guesswork out of the fixture side of things. We have five specific layouts to serve any type of space you have from a micro to a large, expansive retail footprint. 

    The layouts include:

    • Shaders
    • Vinyl structures
    • Benches
    • Merchandisers
    • Rolling racks
    • Semi-automated watering kits to save significantly on labour…a brand new product offering at VRE

    Our turnkey packages have been designed to make your garden center planning easier and to get money back in your pocket. Our racking systems promote plant growth and merchandise your product properly so that you can have as many turn overs as possible, as well to help reduce shrinkage, because all plants can be easily watered. 

    If you are not in the retail garden center business, then maybe it is time to start thinking about it. Did you know Statistics Canada did a survey in 2013 and found 57% of Canadian households are growing fruit, vegetables, herbs and flowers for personal use? Add to that, that indoor plants are once again becoming more popular as decoration, and you very well might be missing out on additional consumer revenue.

    According to research done by our retail sales team at VRE, we disovered that you can generate approximately $38 per square foot by adding a garden center!

    If you have any questions, our team would like to hear from you. And, remember, there is no space too small or too big to have an outdoor garden centre space!

    Your Greenhouse & Garden Centre Connection!
    Whether you’re looking for retail and merchandising products for your Garden Center, or systems to better your Greenhouse “We’ve got you covered”. The difference is in the details; when you combine over a quarter century of experience with the most trusted name in the industry VRE products are built to last. Make your first investment your last with VRE systems.


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    Phone:    (905) 945-8863    FAX:     (905) 945-9294


    Paving Stone Displays

    The perfect solution for safely and easily displaying paving and coping stones, bricks, and natural stone products. Manufactured in Canada. Hot dip galvanized.

    Flat Pack Display

    • 48 1/2”W x 72 1/4”H display area available for wire mesh or prepared for plywood
    • Knock down design packs flat for easy transport and storage
    • Perfect for use where space is an issue
    • Sign optional
    For Permanent Displays
    • 48 1/2”W x 72 1/4”H display area for plywood backing (customer installs plywood)
    • Designed for static displays
    • Designed for back to back or indoor display only
    • Your display stays secure as stones cannot be removed
    • Sign optional
    For Changeable Displays
    • 48 1/2”W x 72 1/4”H display area with 8’ x 2’ 10-gauge wire mesh backing
    • Your stone products can be changed and moved as you like
    • Ready for your stones to be displayed (you install)
    • Sign optional


    Three Step and Quarter Round Displays

    VRE's three step and quarter round displays are hot dip galvanized steel, and are made in Canada. Perfect for garden centers.

    Three Step Displays

    • 36”D x 32”H x 36”L
    • 12” shelf width
    • All steel construction
    • Available in a powder coated color or hot dip galvanized finish
    Quarter Round Displays
    • 36”D x 32”H x 36”L
    • 12” shelf width
    • All steel construction
    • Available in a powder coated color or hot dip galvanized finish

    VRE Manufacturing Capabilities
    VRE Systems has a full engineering and manufacturing team that can take your manufacturing product idea and turn it into reality.

    VRE Systems Garden Center Products
    VRE Systems has been providing retail garden centers with customer service carts, transportation carts, benching, merchandising and seasonal structures for over 40 years. Our products are sturdy, durable, made of hot dipped galvanized steel and last a long time. All are made in Canada at our manufacturing facility in Southern Ontario. We also have a strong and creative engineering and design department that works with retailers to come up with designs based on your available retail space, in order to maximize customer purchases and satisfaction.

    Serving Retail, Horticultural, Greenhouse and Agricultural Customers

    To order call: 800.499.4873 or email

    VRE Systems has over 40 years of experience providing products and services to the retail garden centerhorticulturalgreenhouse and agricultural industries. Whether you’re looking for retail and merchandising products for a garden center, heat, light deprivation and black out curtain systems to improve your greenhouses and growing operations, to transportation solutions for the horticultural and agricultural market – VRE Systems can help.

    We believe the difference is in the details. When you combine over 40 years of experience with the most trusted name in the industry, VRE products are built to last. Each product we manufacture here in Canada is purpose-built for the job it is meant to do, and to meet our customer’s needs. Our retail garden center carts and displays, and our greenhouse carts are all made of welded steel, and are then hot-dip galvanized to ensure they last, and that you get value for your money.

    Shade and Curtain Systems for Greenhouses

    Our greenhouse shade, light deprivation and black out curtain systems are custom manufactured for your specific greenhouse, and our in house Canadian sewing team ensures that you have a system that will last. Our indoor curtain installation team has thousands of hours of experience installing systems in both new and retrofit greenhouses. We use quality fabrics sourced from Europe, and motors and other components that have proven to last in the greenhouse environment. So if you are looking for long lasting, high quality indoor greenhouse curtain systems, then your best choice is to call VRE Systems.

    We understand that your business and its success are important to you. At VRE Systems, we build products and provide services to ensure your continued success, by providing products that last, and meet the needs of your business.

    Don’t see a product you are looking for on our website? We are also a full service engineering and metal product manufacturing provider, if you are looking for custom built solutions, please call us with your idea or challenge, and we will assign you a technical sales representative and an engineering contact to fully understand your growing or transportation issue, and we will help you solve it.

    So, if you are looking for retail garden center carts, shelves, benches and other display items, and want durable products that withstand the weather, then please call VRE Systems today.