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McEnroe Organic Farm

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    Certified organic vegetables and meats, specialty items, and soils!
    McEnroe Organic Farm has been NOFA-NY Certified Organic for over 25 years; it is one of New York’s oldest and most diverse certified organic farms and stands at over 1,100 acres of fields, pastures, and greenhouses. Our Market has grown from a small roadside stand to year-round market, offering local, seasonal, and organic groceries. Our talented kitchen staff uses the produce and meats from our farm to create healthy. delicious, and sustainable meals.

    The farm’s methods include crop rotation, biological pest control, composting, careful cultivation, and cover cropping. We grow certified organic vegetables, fruits, herbs, and feed for our livestock. With green houses and cold frames, we extend the season for organic tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce, field greens and herbs, enabling us to grow as early as April and as late as December. For more than 20 years McEnroe’s premium soil blends and compost have been used by other organic growers, regional farms, commercial landscapers, municipal parks, home gardens and for green rooftops. Our composting operation receives manures, leaves and food waste, all of which we organically convert to a high quality compost soil amendment, which we use to ensures a rich and biodiverse organic farm.

    Address:   194 Coleman Station Rd. Millerton, NY 12546
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    Organic Potting Soil (OMRI)

    Organic Potting Soil is available in 1/20 cubic yard bags, 22-quart bag, 1 cubic yard sling bag, and bulk. Organic Potting Soil begins with our Premium Organic Compost, plus sustainably harvested Sphagnum peat moss, and sand to facilitate drainage.  It is fortified with quick releasing, organic nutrients, and minerals to create an ideal rooting environment for developing plants.  This mix is our original formula and is ideal for soil blocking, potting seedlings, transplanting, and amending garden beds.

    Organic Lite Growing Mix (OMRI)

    Organic Lite Growing Mix is available in 1/20 cubic yard bags, 22-quart bags, 1 cubic yard sling bags, and bulk. Our best-selling product, the Lite Growing Mix, has characteristics of conventional "soilless" mixes, without the addition of chemical fertilizers or wetting agents.  It can be used by growers who need a lightweight, nicely aerated mix for germination, seed starting, and container gardening.  Developed in response to the needs of organic growers, this mix begins with compost, peat moss, and horticultural perlite.  Using perlite instead of sand allows for higher water retention and results in a lighter material than our Organic Potting Soil.

    Premium Organic Compost

    Premium Organic Compost is available in 40# bags, 1 cubic yard sling bag, and bulk.  The compost starts with source-separated food, which is separated from non-compostable materials before it reaches the farm, and is reinspected when it reaches the farm.  The waste consists of different fruit and vegetable material that comes from commercial cafeterias, supermarkets, and food distribution centers.  Our compost adds organic matter to and increases the biological activity of soil.  It has excellent tilth (good soil condition for growing), improves soil structure, and increases the soil's ability to hold water and nutrients.  Our compost is great for turning sandy clay soils into garden beds and agricultural fields.  It can be used as a top dressing for landscaping, lawns, and container plants, or can be used as a mulch for perennial garden beds, trees, and shrubs.

    Garden Blend

    Garden Blend is available in 1 cubic foot bag, 1 cubic yard sling bag, and bulk. We developed the Garden Blend for our 17,000 square feet of raised beds in our 12 greenhouses for year-round growing.  It is the most productive and economical choice for raised bed growing.  A thoroughly blended mix of our Enriched Topsoil and Organic Potting Soil,  the Garden Blend combines the drainage and quick-releasing nutrients of potting soil with the water-retaining benefits of the topsoil.  A perfect blend to begin a raised bed garden.

    Enriched Topsoil

    Enriched Topsoil is available in 40# bags, 1 cubic yard sling bag, and bulk.  An ideal agricultural soil, Enriched Topsoil is a favorite of landscapers and gardeners.  Screened topsoil blended with compost.  As all of our compost blends, it is high in organic matter, slow-releasing nutrients, and beneficial microorganisms.  Great for establishing and smoothing lawn rough spots, filling in holes, or recreating a landscape after construction.

    Education Programming excites the public about why the farming practices used at McEnroe benefit plants, the soil, the environment, and people. We share important news and updates from each part of the Farm, and hold community events that demonstrate sustainable agricultural practices. We host apprenticeships each year, and this year, we will have an Education and a Compost apprentice. We provide apprentices a chance to tour other local farms too. Last year, the Education Programming hosted over 100 hours of volunteer work, and donated over 700 pounds of food to local food pantries.