Jerue Companies

Established in 1957, Jerue is a leading logistics provider with offices throughout North America. We provide logistics solutions for thousands of customers, ranging from large national and international companies to smaller independent businesses. Jerue is committed to creating and maintaining relationships with our customers by providing value-added services with honesty and integrity. Our large network of carriers includes thousands of fleets and independent owner operators ready to deliver products nationwide. Jerue agents and associates work daily to provide carriers with the best experience possible.

John J. Jerue began his career in the transportation industry as an owner operator when he was only a teenager. For nearly fifteen years, John hauled loads between Florida and the Midwest, only stopping to serve in the armed forces. In 1957, he entered the truck brokerage business. Under his vision and leadership, Jerue flourished into a nationwide provider of logistic services and solutions. Today, Jerue continues to meet the needs of customers its by overcoming the demands of the trucking industry. Mr. Jerue has always believed that his company should reflect his own personal principles of honesty and integrity. He felt so strongly in the principle “my word is my bond” that he modeled his business after it. This and similar principles have allowed Jerue to build trusted relationships with nationwide companies and have a reputation for reliability and fairness.

Whether you are a company with a large fleet or a single owner operator, Jerue is always interested in adding to our existing provider network.

Address:   3200 Flightline Dr, Suite 202 Lakeland, FL 33811
Phone:  800.333.6548   FAX:  863.607.5601


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