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*IDE.L. s.r.l. -- plastic pots, planters, trays and containers

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    The best plastic pots for the best plant growers
    IDeL offers to your retail store a deep range of plastic pots and containers, for gardening, DIY and indoor/outdoor decoration. IDeL Professional --- the best plastic pots for the best plant growers and nurseries. Quality raised to functionality!

    We are an Italian family-owned and operated business, specialized in the manufacture of plastic pots, planters, trays and containers. We are based in the heart of Tuscany and, for over 60 years, our Passion has been leading us to develop innovative products and attractive display solutions for garden centers and landscape shops. IDeL is the best partner: our products are entirely made in Italy and produced with high quality raw materials. Their special design is conceived in cooperation with professionals coming from the hobby sector, highly qualified nurseries and plant growers. This is the reason why, every year, more than 60 countries all over the world choose our items!

    Address: Via G. Matteotti,1992, 51036 San Rocco PT,Italy
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    Stand IDeL - MyPlant & Garden
    IDeL booth at MyPlant & Garden show 2019, in Milan. Enjoy it!

    Easiroot method by IDeL
    The video shows how the new Easiroot™ method works. It is the only proven method to a successful growth. The Easiroot™ pot can be used for growing any tree or shrub. Trees can be moved to the re-planting site directly in the Easiroot™ pot, providing savings in root ball packaging and transport costs. The high re-planting success rate markedly minimises the wastage costs and extends the replanting season for landscapers.

    The Easiroot™ method is the unique proven way to achieve the perfect growth.

    Thanks to the cooperation with our major costumers, and working with experienced Christmas tree growers, we developed a unique pot specifically engineered through prototype tests and technical analysis. After nine years of research, we obtained a pot able to develop healthy trees that can be successfully replanted. The Easiroot™ pot is distinguished by 164 x 3 mm diameter holes, uniformly spaced around the body of the pot (circumference and base). The growth added value:

    1- lower production costs

    2- uniform plants growth

    3- simple and cheap maintenance

    4- easier and faster harvesting

    5- healthier trees, ready for replanting

    Easiroot™ container surplus:

    1- uniform and optimal aperture size

    2- ensured pot stability

    3- lasting for up to three growing cycles

    IDeL - Collection Book
    People, Products, Passion: welcome to our beautiful world of dreams, pots and design. We have been a successful family-run business for three generations and we are located among the hills of the lovely Pistoia in Tuscany. For over 60 years, our dream has been helping our customers to realize their own Passions, offering our support in the care of their plants and decorating their homes - with a refined touch, without ever giving up quality and the importance of Made in Italy. Our plastic pots and containers are the result of years spent interpreting different styles and trends and identifying those details that can make the difference. Beauty, design and elegance are our core values and are part of a dream we really care for.

    Mosaic Curve High 55 + Inner

    It is not a traditional home decor accessory: Mosaic® Curve High 55 + Inner (Ø32x55h cm; Ø12,6x21,7h in) is a very modern and pretty functional pot having the aim to make every location look amazing.

    The latest IDeL novelty has a shiny and glossy finish and it combines the Mosaic® cover (the decorative white grid), the body pot and the Inner pot, where you can directly put a beautiful blooming plant, or a green one. Both Mosaic® cover and body pot have no holes, but they can be pierced, maybe with a small drill.

    The Inner pot (in the same colour of the Mosaic® cover) is characterized by a Self Watering System (H2O system) generated by a black disk, a little partition panel creating a double base. In this way, it is possible to pot every kind of plant, putting it directly into the Inner pot. The plant will grow healthy, thanks to the handy little ‘‘chimneys’’ on the bottom, that allow to manage the water excess.

    Moreover, the retractable handles on the Inner pot’s lip allow to move and look after the plant easily, without displacing the whole pot.

    We do offer some accessories too, helpING retailers in cross selling activities: e.g. Water Level Indicator 4.0 is a very useful component, showing when the plants need water, avoiding water excess or hydration lacks. Using the indicator is incredibly easy: just insert it in one of the black disk holes and it is all done!

    AERIS pot and its cachepot: the best solution

    We serve you the best solution. Healthier plants with AERIS, a brilliant idea by IDeL for plant growers!

    Main features:

     Excellent roots aeration

     Special bottom designed with 90% aeration more than traditional pots

     Optimal drainage of water excess

     Large and resistant rim making forklift racks movement easier

     Perfect combination with potting machines

     Flexible and resistant raw material

     Higher stackability and lower transport costs

     Easy to clean thanks to the shiny finish

    AERIS avoids temperature leap: the roots are not in direct contact with the ground, so they are neither exposed to an excessive heat source nor compromised by the frosty weather

    ✓ Suitable for blueberry plants and hydroponics

     Perfect matching with the decorative planter HIGH POT, as you see in the pictures