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Hopewell Nursery @ MANTS

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    A Wholesale Nursery Stock Grower  
    Hopewell Nursery started as a result of a plan to incorporate a first class golf course with first class landscape material, combining the number one sport, golf with the number one pastime, gardening. Plants were planted as plans were formed. Several rare and unusual varieties were planted to test the bloom cycles in the southern New Jersey region to guarantee the landscaping at the golf course would be world-class. Plans had to be put on hold, but as we all know, plants cannot be put on hold. From all of this, a wholesale nursery was formed.

    Deep in the heart of southern New Jersey we are now 1800 acres strong with over 4 million square feet of polyhouse production and 100 acres of pot-in-pot production. We have grown from a plan to a first class nursery serving many markets from the Mid-Atlantic States to the north east and into the Michigan area with over 2000 different varieties of plants. We have a large selection of deciduous and evergreen trees and shrubs, container plants, pot-in-pot trees and grasses. In addition, we produce over 2 million perennials per season. We are committed to providing the highest quality, selection and service possible as we strive to be your one-stop source for all your green goods needs. With 4 farms we have diversified our selection to ensure the best growing conditions to provide the highest level of quality plant material that our customers demand.

    Address:   309 Woodruff Rd. Bridgeton, NJ 08302
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    Phone:  (856) 451-3516   FAX:  856-455-0779


    Wholesale nursery stock grower

    Hopewell Nursery is a large wholesale grower in the Southern New Jersey area. With over 1,800 acres of production fields we carry a large diverse product line with many varieties, both common and rare. The Hopewell Team serves Retail Nurseries, Landscape Contractors, Re-Wholesalers and Garden Centers from Maine to Virginia and West to the Michigan and Chicago markets. We supply Deciduous and Evergreen Trees, Shrubs, Perennials, Container Plants and Pot in Pot material.

    • Farm #2: One of our shrub & evergreen farms, this is approximately 130 acres in production. With this much space we can constantly replenish our crop to ensure continuous availability.
    • Farm #3: The heart of our container operation, we currently operate in over 4 million square feet of poly-houses for our perennials, grasses and container shrubs. Our propagation department produces over 3 million cuttings and 100,000 grafts annually. We have approximately 100 acres of Pot in Pot in production. Farm #3 hosts our cart and container loading dock.
    • Farm #4: Farm #4 hosts most of our deciduous tree and shrub production. This farm is approximately 830 acres. This farm also hosts 140 acres dedicated to our Propagation and liner beds.
    • Farm #5a: One our newest farms for deciduous B&B material.
    • Farm #5b: Our second location for Pot-in-Pot.