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George Bridge Boxwoods @ MANTS

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    Specializing in Mature Plants  
    George Bridge is a leading grower and supplier of one of the largest collections of unique and mature plants, trees and boxwood in the United States. The collections are located on two farms in Maryland (25 acres), Southern Virginia (200 acres) and a nursery lot in Greenwich, Connecticut. The Boxwood Farm (George Bridge Boxwoods) is known for its lush green, large specimen, hedging, and topiary boxwood. It also is a source for holiday boxwood tips greenery to the floral industry. The Maryland Farm is a collection of antique specimen trees and boxwood in an arboretum style setting, great for touring and ideas for designers.

    George through he company George Bridge Landscape Design, is equally known for his breathtaking designs and installations for distinguished residential and commercial properties. The quality of plant material and landscape services is what sets him above the rest and strives for over three decades. George is also the exclusive distributor for TOPBUXUS® Boxwood Care Productsmade in Holland, the first targeted fertilizer for Boxwood optimum health with fantastic results in Europe and already here in the States. TOPBUXUS® products complements the existing businesses of George very well and are used on his boxwood as well. With three complementary companies in the landscape, nursery, and boxwood care industry, George can delivery a premium product to the consumer and wholesale markets.

    Address:   5105 Griffith Rd. Laytonsville, MD 20882
    Email:   Contact: George Bridge
    Phone:  301-482-2128   FAX:  301-482-1754


    TOBUXUS® Boxwood Care Product

    TOBUXUS® Boxwood Restore & Protect Mix is a targeted monthly foliar fertilizer that it is easy to use. Turbo Grow Delivers rich nutrients through the soil to promote peak growth. Both for optimum boxwood health.

    TOBUXUS® Boxwood Care products are specifically designed to help your boxwood thrive and be their most lush and green. Boxwood Restore & Protect Mix is a targeted monthly foliar fertilizer that it is easy to use. One tablet in a quart of water covers 100 square feet of boxwood. Spray during the growing season. Very easy to use! Turbo Grow delivers rich nutrients through the soil to promote peak growth. Just spread around the boxwood drip line 2-3 times a year. If you have  sad looking boxwood, will be rewarded with lush, green leaves. And you can maintain your beautiful boxwood with TOBUXUS® Boxwood Care product for optimum health.

    George Bridge has the largest collection of unique and mature plants, trees, and boxwood in the country. His collections are located on twenty-five acres called Acorn Farm and in Southern Virginia on three hundred acres. George caters to high-end landscape designers and architects, and he has been recognized for his own landscape design work. His landscaping design work includes the Chinese Embassy in Washington, D.C., the National Sporting Library in Middleburg, Virginia, and other institutions and private residences in New York, Connecticut, New Jersey, Maryland, and Virginia. The Maryland farm houses plants that have been collected over the last twenty years and includes one hundred year-old wisteria vines, forty year-old espaliered apple trees and large deciduous specimen trees. The Virginia farm consists of American and English boxwood up to ten feet tall and wide and 80 years old. George has quantities that can realize even the most ambitious designs.  


    Hand digging and handling large specimen plant material is the backbone of our business. Once a tree is sold, it goes through our routine process before it lands in its new home. Depending on the time of year, we start by hydrating the tree through initially hand trenching the root ball and filling with water and/or a root bio-stimulant. We follow up by hand digging the entire root ball, cutting individual roots and shaping the ball as necessary. The art of burlapping and drum lacing is then completed so the tree is ready to be lifted from its hole. We have custom straps and specialized machinery to gently lift the trees out of the ground to take them to a staging area to be ready for transport.

    We utilize custom drop-deck trailers with specialized side boards and framework to properly secure the trees for their final destination. Careful attention to properly tying in branches within the confines of the trailers and securing the root balls is paramount for a successful and safe delivery. These tedious but necessary tasks are just part of our normal operations as we strive to ensure the least amount of stress as part of the moving process.