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FineHouse -- Pre-Built Garden Structures

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    Elements for Landscape Architecture
    Architectural Quality Pre-Built Garden Structures .... Pergolas ~ Outdoor Kitchens ~ Outdoor Rooms. At FineHouse we fabricate refined garden structures, pergolas, and trelliswork. We deliver these structures and trellis as modular building systems or "kits" utilizing composite architectural columns, Accoya, and other sustainable woods. Sustainable design and construction are at the forefront of the offering from FineHouse. Consider adding a pergola, fabricated with sustainable wood and composite columns to your residential or commercial property. When you do this, you provide a platform for seasonal vegetation, "greening" your environment and adding to the ecological diversity of your site. You also have an opportunity to position your pergola in front of east, west or south facing windows to passively solar cool your structure.

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    Phone:  (540) 436-8080   FAX:  (540) 436-8335


    For 20 years FineHouse has been providing landscape and design professionals with architectural quality garden structures and trelliswork. Today we are pleased to bring our offering to the broader community represented here at MANTS. 

    Please take a look at our offering and see if it’s a fit for your needs. We are excited to show you how our modular system of garden architecture works and how it might benefit you. 

    The FineHouse offering has 2 parts; Pre-Crafted Pergolas & Bespoke Custom Garden Structures.

    The Pre-Crafted line is a selection of pergola sizes with pre-defined elements and options. The options include solid roofs, column upgrades, pre-finishing, and design refinements.
    The Bespoke line is a flexible design solution where any custom Garden structure is crafted with our modular building system. With this system, your custom design gets fabricated and delivered to the field as “Quality Assured” architectural millwork for efficient, on-site installation.

    Please stop by our booth or reach out to us with your questions, and be sure to ask about our design assistance including CAD & 3D models.

    Thank you for taking the time to look at our introduction.

    PreCrafted Pergolas

    Pergolas with specified sizes that are delivered to your site as modular components for quick and efficient assembly. The pergolas' once installed are architectural quality structures with no exposed fasteners and a lifetime of durability & beauty.

    PreCrafted © pergolas from FineHouse come in (4) sizes with several options.

    The base models include 4 or 6 columns (depending on the model) The columns are a Tuscan, fiberglass composite, 8’ tall & come with an internal 4x6 PT PostCore. The upper elements are either our KDII preserved lumber or our SynCore composite and are fabricated with milled edges and carved ends. Everything is pre-drilled, so upon completion, there are no exposed fasteners. All hardware is included for a complete structure. You only need to provide a foundation and assembly for a refined, architectural garden structure.

    Sizes: 10’x10’, 12’x12’, 10’x20’, and 12’x16’

    Solid Roof in Metal or EPDM with an interior wood ceiling 

    Columns: Upgrade the size in height or girth as well as the style with square or fluted columns.

    Styles: Classic, Tuscan, Art&Crafts & Contempory

    For larger or different sizes of pergolas, refer to our Bespoke line of structures.

    Bespoke Garden Structures

    The Bespoke line is a flexible design building system, where any custom Garden Structure design may be crafted with our modular building system & delivered to the field as “Quality Assured” architectural millwork for efficient, on-site installation.

    Garden structure designs are wide and varied, and so, with our Bespoke Garden Structures program, we can turn your design into a kit of modular components. We ship you a complete garden structure that is ready for quick and efficient assembly on-site. Once installed, these are architectural quality structures, with no exposed fasteners, and a lifetime of durability & beauty. 

    Some of the designs and features available include;

    A wide selection of materials including Ipe, Mahogany, Accoya, metals & composites

    Large and unusual pergolas including domes and radiuses

    Pavilions, gazebos, and garden houses with swaled or hip roof lines

    Arched & Ogee Arbors & Gates

    Architectural Trelliswork with gothic, Asian, and classical designs 

    For a cost estimate or to refine a rough design, send us your sketch!