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ErfGoed BV -- cultivation floors

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    The basis for a healthy and uniform crop  
    The absolute top in cultivation floors. That is what ErfGoed stands for. The best cultivation system for your crop. Whether it concerns floriculture or vegetable cultivation, breeding, propagation or production, ErfGoed floors have more than proven their value. For optimal effect, ErfGoed also supplies the water system. And of course we know everything about the internal transport and maintenance of our cultivation floors.

    A strong healthy crop every time? No more hassles with rejects or having to control a laundry list of diseases? The answer: a cultivation floor from ErfGoed! Hundreds of growers in horticultural operations in The Netherlands, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, England, France, Germany Italy, Portugal, Saudi Arabia and South Africa are constantly reaping the benefits of their ErfGoed Floor®: higher yields at much lower costs. An ErfGoed cultivation floor is the result of years of experience and extensive research but, perhaps most of all, the dedication of the people at ErfGoed to develop a floor that a grower can rely on to eliminate the problems associated with producing a healthy uniform crop.

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    The best base for your indoor crops
    With an ErfGoedFloor you’ll produce a vigorous, strong and uniform crop – because all plants receive the same amount of water for the same length of time. What’s more, the ErfGoedFloor is the most sustainable base for growing, in particular since water and fertilizer can be reused. The ErfGoedFloor is the ideal base for every crop. The floor consists of a layer of porous stone that can be filled with water. As soon as the layer is full, the water rises everywhere simultaneously. Once the crop has absorbed sufficient water, the floor empties once again.