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Ecotone, Inc -- ecological restoration company

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    Using Nature to Restore Nature
    Ecotone is an ecological restoration company that designs and builds sustainable ecosystems. Our team strongly believes in our mission of ecological restoration and its importance in our communities.

    Let’s create a world in which the natural environment and humankind thrive. Through years of taking the long cut, we’ve learned that natural problems need natural solutions.
    • Design/Build ... • Ecosystem Credits ... • Stormwater Solutions ... • Beaver Management

    Address:   129 Industry Lane Forest Hill, MD 21050
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    Big Win for the Beavers as We Continue Work on Beaver Creek
    Look out Chesapeake Bay. Ecotone is coming for you hard and fast in partnership with our buck toothed, flat tailed, ecosystem engineers. In 2016 we threw out the suggestion that the North American beaver can be the champion of water quality improvement for our cherished Chesapeake Bay. They were here by the millions in the 1600’s. The history of the fur trade in the Chesapeake landscape confirms this. They may be the answer to restoring our cherished Bay to it’s former glory. It’s been a tough and challenging journey. We have been mocked and ridiculed by some for our provocative approach here in the Eastern US. We took this as a sign we are headed in right direction. We are executing on the first large scale nature and process based project on Beaver Creek in Washington County, Maryland, installing 65 beaver dam analogues which are man made beaver dams which promote colonizing by Castor (beaver). Last week, in the middle of construction, we got a thumbs up from nature. The Bda’s performed well after a heavy discharge event, lifting water and hydrology onto the floodplain, spreading water out and promoting floodplain function, at a fraction of the cost of traditional “natural channel design”. Embracing chaos of nature is we are headed. Stay tuned. We hope beaver will like our work and colonize this project, build and improve our dams, providing long term water quality benefits. We embrace the journey to change the way we think about ecological restoration. Please join us in this important effort. Many thanks to Maryland DNR and the Washington County Soil Conservation District for partnering with us and taking the risk to be different and innovative, and embracing nature based restoration.