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Decker's Nursery @ MANTS

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    2022 MANTS SHOW -- We are offering many new cultivars this year including:


    Buxus x NewGen Freedom® 'SB 300' PPAF

    Buxus x NewGen Independence® 'SB108' 

    Star Roses and Plants

    Buddleia d. Dapper™ Lavender 

    Buddleia d. Dapper™ White

    Hydrangea m. Akadama™  

    Lagerstroemia Bellini® Strawberry

    Lagerstroemia Bellini® Guava

    Lagerstroemia My Fair Myrtle™   

    Syringa v. New Age Lavender 

    Syringa v. New Age White

    Thuja o. Emerald Squeeze™  

    Proven Winners® Color Choice®

    Thuja o. North Pole®

    Finished Nursery Stock
    Since 1921, Decker's Nursery has been propagating plants and relationships. Providing high quality liners of the best genetics to wholesale nurseries across the country. We offer a wide variety of potted deciduous and evergreen shrubs and grafted evergreens, including upright Junipers, that work well with any pot or field production. We work with some of the best breeder companies, vigorously trial each cultivar for quality and ease of production so you do not have to. We want to be your propagation department.

    Address:   6239 Rager Rd. Groveport, OH 43125
    Contact:   Adam Brown Sales Manager Decker's Nursery
    Phone:  614-836-2130   FAX:  614-836-1558


    “Decker’s customer service is excellent; they know their inventory, their product, and their customer.  They always do what they say they’re  going to do and in the set time frame.” – Jennifer Radcliffe, William A. Natorp Company

    “They have a great choice of plant material, which you know is going to be an excellent value and of consistent quality. ”  ” Mike and Keith are not only knowledgeable, but can help you evaluate your products and growing methods and even “tailor” a product that best fits your scenario.” – Jim Crumbacher, William A. Natorp Company