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    The Marketing Impact of Point-of-Purchase Displays (Nov 24, 2020)

    Plant saucers and liners might not seem like an impulse buy item. For customers who might not be aware of these products, however, the right advertising at the point of purchase can make a big difference for your sales and profitability. Understanding the role of point-of-purchase displays (POP) in marketing can ensure that your products do not languish on retail shelves unnoticed and unpurchased. Here are some key benefits of POP for your products in the retail environment.

    Informing Your Customers

    POP displays can provide valuable information to consumers about the potential uses and benefits of your products. For example, plant saucers must be sized correctly for the plants and pots they support. Providing your customers with a handy chart that explains this correlation at the point of sale can help you boost your company’s reputation as a reliable source of information and can ensure that you get your fair share of attention in the competitive retail market.

    Boosting Your Visibility

    POP marketing displays offer a major advantage over other types of advertising. Because your target audience is already in the store, your marketing messages will remain fresh in their minds as they peruse retail shelves and decide on the right products for their needs. This can provide added visibility, increased sales of approximately nine percent and name recognition for your products and your company to ensure the highest degree of sales and profitability now and in the future.

    Personalizing Your Marketing Approach

    Your POP marketing efforts can be targeted to reach your most likely customers. For example, pet bowls and mats can be advertised in the aisle where other dog and cat products are sold, allowing you to make your case to people already in the market for the types of products you sell. A POP marketing display for hanging basket drip pans can be placed in the landscaping section of the store to make the greatest possible impact on customers in the frame of mind to buy your products.

    Making the Most of Your Advertising Budget

    Because POP displays are often designed not only to advertise your products but also to hold and present them to consumers, they are often a solid choice for maximizing your impact in the retail environment. By opting for POP marketing in the stores where your products are sold, you can ensure that you receive your fair share of attention from consumers who are already in the market for your products.

    At Curtis Wagner Plastics, we specialize in top-quality wholesale plastic products, pet place mats and many useful products that serve the needs of our customers. We can create visually appealing and eye-catching POP displays to showcase all types of products in the retail environment. Give us a call today at 713-937-3784 to place an order with us. We look forward to the chance to work with you.

    Wholesale Plant Saucers & Liners – Clear Floral Boxes & Cork Mats.  
    Curtis Wagner Plastics is an accepted leader in the plastics industry and specializes in providing the most advanced and durable products for lawn and garden centers and other retail outlets. We primarily serve the wholesale distribution and chain store marketplaces and offer an extensive selection of plastic products designed and Made in the USA. Our commitment to quality and innovation in the field of plastics manufacturing sets us apart from the competition and ensures greater customer satisfaction at every phase of the distribution process.

    We offer a full line of clear vinyl products that include heavy-gauge footed saucers for added stability and increased floor protection. Curtis Wagner Plastics uses thicker and sturdier plastic to construct its products, ensuring that they last longer and work better for end users. Our clear plant saucers are available in diameters of 4–25 inches and in shallow, deep, or medium configurations. Curtis Wagner Plastics also manufactures hanging basket drip pans, cork & fabric plant mats, clear plant stands, carpet saver saucers for floral shops, nurseries and lawn and garden supply stores.

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