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    Press Releases: Connecticut Organics

    • Connecticut Mulch Distributors, Inc. has started a NEW BAGGED MULCH division!  The Lindelands are taking their 46 years of experience, customer service and exceptional quality in the mulch business and placing it in a BAG!! 

      Connecticut Mulch has installed the most advanced bagging machine, a highly advanced robotic palletizer and a fully automated wrapping machine in order to deliver you the best bags possible under our new product line, Connecticut Organics.

      We are so excited to be able to offer you locally sourced, locally made and our premium products in a bag. All of our products are 100% based from the forest resource of the Northeast. We never sacrifice on quality to deliver you the best mulches around.

    Family Owner Since 1974
    Why use mulch --- Helps to suppress weed growth; Helps the soil to retain moisture; Helps add nutrients to the soil; Helps to control soil erosion; Helps to give the landscape a finshing touch; Helps enhance the look of the garden and emphasize the colors of the plants and trees.
    How to apply the mulch -- When mulching around plants or trees the mulch should never touch the plant or the bark on the tree. Sometimes you will see the "volcano" piles around trees. You are never supposed to apply the mulch like that. It will often kill the tree and can cause fungus problems.

    Address:   70 Mullen Rd. Enfield, CT 06082
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    Premium Pine Bark Mulch #1 seller
    Connecticut Organics Premium Pine/Hemlock Bark Mulch is by far our customers’ most sought-after aged bark. Its high hemlock content sets it apart from all other bark mulches. It is aged for up to 9-12 months which gives it a dark rich color. Available in bags and bulk.

    100% Hemlock Bark Mulch #2 seller
    Connecticut Organics 100% Hemlock Bark Mulch is our highest quality bark mulch. Known for the rich mahogany color created by a 9-month aging process, it is sought after for both residential and commercial properties because of its longevity and color on the landscape. Available in bags and bulk.

    Dark Bark
    Connecticut Organics Dark Bark is the fastest growing, most eye catching, 2-year aged bark in our product line. It consists of mixed pine and spruce bark. The one-of-a-kind aging process we use to create this mulch continues to gain customer demand far beyond our expectations. Available in bags and bulk.

    Fragrant Pine/Spruce Bark
    Connecticut Organic’s blend of pine and spruce bark is aged to bring out the natural aroma. It has a deep brown color, similar to our Premium Pine/Hemlock Bark Mulch. Available in bags and bulk.

    Natural Cedar Mulch
    Connecticut Organics Natural Cedar Mulch is aged upwards of 6 months, unlike most mulches of this kind in the industry. This allows for deep rich color that lasts longer in the landscape. Available in bags and bulk.

    Playground Surfacing Mulch
    Connecticut Organics IPEMA Certified Playground Surfacing is the highest quality in the industry. Our sustainable, locally sourced wood has been debarked and chipped at Connecticut Organic’s sister company Connecticut Forest Products. Our Playground Surfacing is perfect for playgrounds, dog parks, walking paths and erosion control. Available in bags and bulk.