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    New MT100 mini track loader from Bobcat Company delivers greater rated operating capacity, increased lifting performance for peak productivity

    (WEST FARGO, N.D. – June 2020) As the global leader in compact equipment, Bobcat Company is enhancing its industry-leading equipment and providing new and innovative designs, along with innovative technologies, to meet its customers’ changing needs. Bobcat is expanding its product offering with the new Bobcat® MT100 mini track loader. 

    Powered by a dependable, durable Tier 4 diesel engine and efficient hydraulic system, the new mini track loader delivers fast cycle times, strong breakout force and excellent pushing ability. The MT100 has a rated operating capacity of 1,000 pounds and comes standard with removable counterweights, which can be mounted in the undercarriage or at the rear of the machine on the uprights, to increase lifting performance. Plus, the MT100 is equipped with a completely new, more durable undercarriage that requires no daily maintenance.

    At just 36 inches wide with standard narrow tracks, the new MT100 mini track loader offers an ideal combination of an easy-to-use machine in a less-intimidating size. The new mini track loader is ideal for digging, trenching, backfilling and moving material in tight-fitting jobsites. This machine is a powerful, reliable replacement for manual labor and wheelbarrows in tight areas where larger equipment won’t fit. 

    Two attachment interfaces

    Make quick work of grading, backfilling, digging holes, hauling and loading materials with two attachment interfaces available on the new MT100. The new mini track loader features the exclusive Bob-Tach® attachment mounting system which makes it simple to put a wide assortment of Bobcat attachments on the machine. The Bob-Tach system uses an over-center latch mechanism and wear-compensating pins to make proper attachment-to-carrier fitment a given from the first exchange to the last. 

    The MT100 also features Bobcat Common Industry Interface design which offers operators the ability to exchange attachments as jobs change. Combining over-center latches with pin-on design provides simple and confident attachment-to-carrier connection. 

    Easy serviceability

    Time is valuable, especially when servicing compact equipment. The MT100 has a completely new, more durable undercarriage that requires no daily maintenance. The rollers are permanently sealed and constantly bathed in oil for permanent lubrication. The surfaces of rollers and idlers are heat treated to minimize the wear and tear of typical use and further extend the life of the track system. 

    Plus, the Bobcat MT100 allows operators to gain easy, tool-free access to routine maintenance areas by simply lifting the hood. They can quickly check coolant, fuel, oil and hydraulic fluid levels so they can be back on the job faster. 

    Maximized ride comfort

    Make hard work easier with more standard comfort features. Operators will experience enhanced comfort and confidence operating the MT100 mini track loader thanks to ergonomic ISO joystick controls and enhanced performance features, including optimized roller spacing on the track system which improves overall ride quality. Plus, an integrated ride-on platform gives operators a wider view to the sides, as well as to the bucket cutting edge or attachment. 

    Two track options

    Travel over established surfaces with less worry about repair time and costs associated with surface damage. The MT100 offers two different track sizes to provide operators with their preferred combination of performance and comfort when traveling over established surfaces or adverse ground conditions. The standard narrow tracks keep the machine’s width to just 36 inches. Depending on the size of the attachment, operators can easily slip through doorways and fence gates. A ground pressure of 5.25 psi provides good protection for most turf and finished surfaces. 

    Optional wide tracks further reduce ground pressure and increase machine stability. At just 3.97 psi, operators can achieve the lightest possible footprint for sensitive surfaces – and the mini track loader is still only 41 inches wide when equipped with the wide track option. 

    Quick Look: MT100 mini track loader

    Horsepower: 24.8 hp

    Operating weight: 3,390 lb.

    Rated operating capacity: 1,000 lb.

    Hydraulic pressure: 2,900 psi

    Length (with bucket): 106.2 in.

    Width: 36 in. (narrow tracks); 41 in. (wide tracks)

    Height: 54.6 in.

    Bobcat Company enhances its industry-leading compact equipment lineup with the introduction of small articulated loaders

    (WEST FARGO, N.D. – March 2020) Building on more than 60 years of innovation and compact equipment leadership, Bobcat Company is widening its product offerings with the introduction of small articulated loaders. Bobcat® small articulated loaders will provide customers in landscaping, tree services, light construction, and grounds maintenance a new solution to minimize workload and complete projects quickly and efficiently. These nimble machines have the ability to fit into backyard access and are capable of carrying small pallets of block or landscape materials with low turf disturbance. 

    The first small articulated loaders to launch will include the L23 and L28 models. Additional small articulated loaders from Bobcat will be introduced at a later date. 

    Nimble, ground-friendly design

    Operators looking to get excellent lifting capacity in a compact machine will appreciate Bobcat small articulated loaders. Not only do small articulated loaders lift and handle heavy loads, they deliver precise maneuverability thanks to the articulation joint that enables the rear tires of the loader to match the path of the front tires as they turn. This results in a highly nimble machine that navigates around obstacles with ease and works well in enclosed yards and small work zones. 

    With its tight-turning articulation and light overall footprint, small articulated loaders limit cuts or tears when turning or hauling a load. This leads to fewer surface repairs after the job is complete. 

    In addition, small articulated loaders are a highly transportable and relatively lightweight solution that enables customers to quickly get their machine to the jobsite and get to work. It will easily fit on pan trailers, dump trailers – and even some enclosed trailers that are utilized for small-frame skid-steer loaders. 

    When operating small articulated loaders, the machine automatically enables one of two traction modes, based on operation – high traction and turf safe. When the steering wheel is not turning, high traction mode provides excellent control and mobility over rough or slippery terrain. The turf-safe mode keeps the wheels from scrubbing on the ground while actively steering, causing the least possible ground disturbance. 

    Impressive performance and reach

    Bobcat small articulated loaders are designed to deliver serious performance to small spaces and sensitive surfaces. The dependable 25 hp, 2600 rpm engine provides generous torque at a lower rpm, providing performance that is more forgiving when pushing the machine to its limit under load. These loaders are designed to lift more, work faster and maximize ability on a wide range of jobsites. 

    Customers can get the reach they need with a lift arm that extends to a lift height of up to 104 inches (L28 model). The telescoping lift arm includes an innovative dual-cylinder design that keeps the load level as operators move the bucket. The telescopic cylinder is synchronized with a hydraulic leveling link, providing leveling assist and preventing spillage over the back of the bucket. 

    With an efficient cooling system, Bobcat small articulated loaders offer leading performance for improved operation and component protection. Side and front inlets bring cool air into the engine compartment and send it through the screened rear exit. The rear radiator screen is removable for easy cleanout, and its corrugated steel construction provides excellent durability. A separate temperature-controlled hydraulic oil cooler operates as needed to ensure quieter operation as well. 

    A standard integrated counterweight provides optimal lift capacity and extra protection for the machine’s composite covers and cooling package. Plus, an optional add-on rear counterweights further increase lift capacity and productivity. 

    Industry-leading, productivity-boosting comfort

    Compared to other small articulated loaders, the Bobcat interior is engineered with more space for the operator, with special attention paid to cab height, foot room, and room between the seat and the steering wheel. Customers will enjoy more room that enables better productivity during long hours in the cab. 

    The optional enclosed, heated cab enclosure allows operators to stay comfortable in cold and wet weather. The window panels can be added and removed, giving those operating machines the flexibility to adapt with the weather. Strategically placed, louvered vents quickly defrost windows and direct heat, providing excellent all-season versatility for winter months. The heated seat helps keep operators comfortable while working on frigid days. The side and rear windows open to provide fresh airflow across the operator, providing more comfort. 

    The steering wheel and joystick are simple to reach and intuitive to use, with fingertip auxiliary or telescopic controls that facilitate quick, simple operation. Bobcat small articulated loaders also provide variable flow control that is similar to Bobcat skid-steer and compact track loaders, unlike the standard mechanical levers found in other machines. 

    Available on small articulated loaders is the Bob-Tach® attachment mounting system, which greatly expands the range of approved attachment possibilities and allows operators to do more work with one powerful machine. Small articulated loaders can be equipped with the optional Power Bob-Tach® system, which allows operators to change non-hydraulic attachments without leaving the comfort of their cab; just line up the attachment and press the switch. 

    Quick Look: Bobcat L23 small articulated loaders 

    Horsepower: 24.8

    Operating Weight: 3,790 lb.

    Tip Capacity (straight / articulated): 2,789 lb. / 2,317 lb.

    Rated Operating Capacity (straight / articulated): 1,395 lb. / 1,159 lb.

    Auxiliary Hydraulic Flow: 12.1 gpm

    Length with Bucket: 122.4 in.

    Width: 43.2 in.

    Height with Cab: 78.1 in.

    Lift Height: 85.4 in


    Quick Look: Bobcat L28 small articulated loader 

    Horsepower: 24.8

    Operating Weight: 3,740 lb.

    Tip Capacity (straight / articulated): 3,068 lb. / 2,444 lb.

    Rated Operating Capacity (straight / articulated): 1,534 lb. / 1,222 lb.

    Auxiliary Hydraulic Flow: 12.1 gpm

    Length with Bucket: 122.4 in.

    Width: 46.5 in.

    Height with Cab: 78.1 in.

    Lift Height: 104.3 in.